CareVet was founded in 2018, and at the close of 2020, was already supporting veterinary offices in almost half the U.S. states. CareVet knew they needed a legal team to help them expand and continue to serve their valued clients, and hiring Krishna Walker to lead that team was their first step.

When Krishna became general counsel of CareVet in mid-2020, she knew her first order of business was efficiency and consolidation. Bringing compliance in-house with CSC Registered Agent services and our entity management platform made managing entities and controlling costs easy.

CSC has been happy to help CareVet with all their registered agent, corporate filing, and entity management needs—freeing up their legal team’s time to focus on business growth—so CareVet can help those four-legged furry friends get the care they need from the vets they trust.

“Congratulations to Krishna from all of us at CSC. We’re very proud of our partnership with her and CareVet,” says Jennifer Kenton, executive vice president of Customer Development and Marketing. “It is a win-win.”

Read the article about Krishna and CareVet in Vanguard Magazine .

CareVet Adds CSC Compliance Services to Manage Veterinary Clinics