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Announcing the 2017 eRecording All-Star Winners!

2017 eRecording All-Star Winners

Congratulations to the Winners of the 2017 eRecording All-Star Awards!

CSC congratulates the winners of its 2017 eRecording All-Star Awards. The eRecording All-Star Awards recognize those in our industry both government offices and document submitters who have implemented and promoted the use of electronic document recording technology.

The 2017 winners are:

Winners – Recorders


Kristen Scalise

Summit County Fiscal Officer



Betsy Browne

Fairfield Town Clerk



Chris Walker

Jackson County Clerk



Laura Hughes

Kaufman County Clerk



Robert Poleki

Bannock County Clerk



Anthony Vigliotti

Worcester South Register of Deeds

Catalyst Award – Summit County, OH

Summit County has been a catalyst in implementing eRecording not only in their own county, but also in their efforts to actively encourage submitters to adopt eRecording as well.  Their commitment to promoting a more secure and efficient process is exemplary.  “I am honored to be recognized for implementing a convenient and secure eRecording system with the help of a great staff and innovative partners like CSC,” says Kristen Scalise, Fiscal Officer, of the Summit County Fiscal Office. “We began eRecording in 2015, and now, nearly a quarter of all documents that come through our office are eRecorded. We have found that the process offers many benefits, including quicker turn around, more accuracy, and a cost savings. Thank you to the CSC for this wonderful recognition.”

Catalyst Award – Town of Fairfield, CT

“eRecording has helped us reduce postage costs and has improved accuracy, as documents can be immediately rejected if they are sent to the wrong recording jurisdiction,” says Town of Fairfield Town Clerk Betsy Browne. The Town of Fairfield is an outstanding example of a government office that has that has implemented eRecording and is encouraging submitters to adopt the process as well, allowing them to save time and money while streamlining their recording process.

Infinity Award – Jackson County, OR

Jackson County has a long and established commitment to eRecording documents and is a leader in the movement to implement electronic document recording in the State of Oregon. “The e-Recording technology has enhanced the services we provide each and every day to our customers.  The streamlined workflow has given us greater efficiencies within our offices, ultimately resulting in shorter wait times and cost savings for the citizens we serve,” says Jackson County Clerk Chris Walker. “We are proud to have led the way as the first county in the State of Oregon to e-Record, and I am grateful for the industry recognition in receiving the All-Star Award on behalf of Jackson County.”

Infinity Award – Kaufman County, TX

Kaufman County’s commitment to electronic document recording has allowed them save time and money while operating more efficiently and securely to meet their customers’ needs.   “Electronic recording provides our customers with almost immediate recording information and seamlessly integrates the information into our records management software, thereby saving all of us considerable time and money,” says Kaufman County Clerk Laura Hughes. “We were able to completely transform the way we do business by implementing eRecording seven years ago and presently over 80% of our land transactions are completed through eRecording. It has been a pleasure to team with CSC in making eRecording work for Kaufman County.”

Launch Award – Bannock County, ID

Bannock County has made tremendous advancements in implementing eRecording technology within a short period of time.  They understand the benefits of CSC’s eRecording solutions and as a result of their implementation, they have enacted faster recordation and increased productivity, all in a secure way.   “On behalf of the Bannock County Recorder’s Office, it has been our pleasure to work with CSC and have the opportunity to offer our community another alternative to eRecord,” says Bannock County Clerk Robert Poleki. “I would personally like to thank Joe DeLuca and his staff for making this an easy transition and providing first-class service.”

Partnership Award – Worcester South, MA

The Worcester City Registry of Deeds is an excellent example of a CSC partner that is using our electronic document recording solutions to save their office time and money.  “We can record quicker with eRecording and cut handling and return time, as well as eliminate the cost of postage and mailings,” says Worcester South Register of Deeds Anthony J. Vigliotti. “CSC has helped us save time in processing and returning of documents, as well as monies saved in labor, material cost, and postage.”

Winners – Submitters


Bradley Moreau Title has been a catalyst for change in the real estate document recording industry and appreciates that CSC eRecording solutions help them operate more efficiently and securely.  “Before we switched to e-recording, I had to wait for the documents to be returned from the court house with our runner the next day,” says Paula LeBlanc, post closer for Bradley Moreau. “With e-recording, I am able to have all of my documents that same day. This allows me to completely process a file in one day, saving money on our overnight UPS carrier bill.”Catalyst Award – Bradley Moreau Title

Infinity Award – Kilpatrick Townsend & Stockton LLP

Kilpatrick Townsend & Stockton LLP has been a valued partner of CSC for more than 15 years.  Adoption of CSC’s state-of-the-art eRecording technology has allowed them to save time and resources.  “CSC has made our life in the real estate world so much easier; before eRecording we would have to get in our car, drive to the county courthouse, and stand in line to file our documents,” says Helen Jordan, paralegal at Kilpatrick Townsend & Stockton, LLP. “Now we sit at our desk and never have to leave the office with eRecording. It saves our clients time and money.”

Launch Award – Nassau Educators Federal Credit Union

Implementing CSC eRecording technology has allowed Nassau Educators Federal Credit Union to streamline their workflows, reduce rejections, and shorten recording times.  “Our partnership with CSC has helped us create a more effective recording process, saving time, money, and ensuring the accuracy of our filings,” says Taij Rampersaud, vice president of Operations for NEFCU. “We are excited to receive this award and look forward to our ongoing relationship.”

Launch Award – Security Service Federal Credit Union

Since the adoption our web-based eRecording solution, Security Service Federal Credit Union has experienced the significant benefits of electronically recording real estate documents.  They have been able to reduce their costs while operating more efficiently and securely. Furthermore, they understand the value of working with a partner like CSC with more than 115 years of experience in providing impactful solutions that help our clients’ businesses run smoother.

Partnership Award – 4Tier Software LLC

“Partnering with CSC has added a new and valuable member to our eRecording family,” says 4Tier Development Manager Stephen Rousey. “CSC has allowed us to maintain consistent recording times and rejection rates across all of our counties.”  4Tier Software’s commitment to coordinating and synchronizing document recordings across multiple systems has elevated business processes across the board.

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