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Arizona “Unofficial” UCC Copies

The Arizona Secretary of State recently implemented a new business services computer system.  This new system places a watermark on many of the online UCC images that states “Unofficial Copy Arizona Secretary of State.”  Some CSC customers have expressed concerns regarding the reliability of UCC copies that contain this watermark.

The good news is that UCC searchers do not have to worry about unofficial copies.  The new watermark merely indicates what has always been the case, not only in Arizona, but in every other state and local filing office around the country.  All UCC records are unofficial unless they have been certified by the filing office.  Certification makes the record self-authenticating so it can be admitted as evidence in court.  However, certification does not make UCC copies any more or less reliable than unofficial copies for search purposes.  CSC customers can rest assured that the watermark has no impact on the sufficiency or reliability of the record.

If you have questions or concerns about this or other UCC issues, please contact Paul Hodnefield, Associate General Counsel, Corporation Service Company at or 800-927-9801, ext. 62375.