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Capital Markets Firms Seek Diverse Opportunities Globally

As capital markets firms grow more sophisticated, their partners must step up to help ensure their success across multiple jurisdictions

Although global markets faced economic and geopolitical instability throughout 2023, many business leaders seem to subscribe to the belief that disruption creates opportunity alongside challenges. In a recent CSC survey, 90% of general partners say they plan to expand geographical coverage in the next 24 months in addition to diversifying in other ways.

As capital markets firms grow more sophisticated, they’re seeking opportunities to tap into new markets globally with deals and transactions that cross multiple borders and regions. Dan Fisher, executive vice president, CSC Global Capital Markets Americas noted, “As our clients’ businesses evolve and become more complex, we see opportunities to help grow their success. Our job is to make sure their transactions flow fluidly through multiple jurisdictions without impediment.”

Recent acquisitions have propelled CSC to become one of the largest global trust and corporate agency providers, connecting services and expertise across regions to bring clients a cohesive, cross-border experience. “We’re committed to excellence in providing a one-stop-shop globally to provide our trust and agency services. We aspire to transcend borders while remaining cognizant of local concerns and nuances,” said Dan.

The company continues to grow as CSC invests in new markets, industries, technology, products, and people. To reflect this progress, we’re consolidating our subsidiaries and business units under the banner of the CSC brand. Going forward, Delaware Trust, Eddystone, and Intertrust Group will all be known as CSC. This aligns our international client offering, creating a single recognized market leader supporting clients across the globe. It also positions us well for future growth in regions and products. We’ve acquired leading local and regional firms to supplement our expertise and bolster our global offering, enabling us to support clients wherever they’re looking to transact.

For example, we recently appointed a team of Latin America trust and agency experts to support increased demand from clients across the region and drive new business development. “The team’s deep understanding of the industry and knowledge of the Latin American market will be invaluable in our expansion,” said Mike Morcom, managing director and head of Latin America Trust and Agency Services. “The acquisitions in both businesses and talent are a clear sign of CSC’s commitment to providing the best trust and agency services for our clients over the long-term.  Moreover, our expanded global footprint allows us to meet not only our Latin American clients’ cross-border corporate trust needs but also the needs of our global clients that are doing business in the Latin American region.”

Dan also offers the example of Bryan Gartenberg who joined CSC in 2022 with extensive experience in project and structured finance, M&A, and debt capital markets as well as an expansive network in multiple industries including energy and power, infrastructure, private equity, and financial institutions. His role as part of the global team finessing sophisticated project finance transactions in 2023 positions CSC well for expanded success in global project finance. “The past year we experienced exponential growth in our Project Finance services platform. Our success underscores the growing need for a sophisticated product and service provider and CSC’s ability to meet those needs while playing an integral role in our clients achieving their strategic and corporate finance objectives,” Bryan said. “It’s also illustrated our ability to assimilate and execute to meet our clients’ needs in each of our domestic markets across the globe as well as cross border projects in the Americas, EMEA, and APAC, entrenching our products and services as a vital component in our client’s success.”

We’re looking forward to continuing CSC’s 125-year journey in 2024 as we integrate our platforms, services, and products to bring richer value to clients around the world. It’s an exciting time to be active in the capital markets sector, as we work with clients to remove impediments to growth across multiple jurisdictions and transcend borders.

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