Why Clients Change Their Registered Agent to CSC Part 1: Seamless Transition to Award-Winning Service

Change can be hard, and compliance teams are already inundated with a tremendous range of responsibilities to keep up with every day. 2020 created added urgency for teams to centralize and simplify compliance, as many organizations found their compliance resources spread across numerous remote locations and in some cases, important institutional knowledge was lost due to unfortunate downsizing and cost-cutting measures. Figuring out how to address the need for centralization and transition the management of all of your entity data and legal documents to a new registered agent provider may seem daunting. CSC is here to help. We believe that a registered agent should be equally focused on service and technology – so our first priority is to deliver exceptional support and ensure the partnership is extremely rewarding for your business, in addition to offering superior digital tools to manage data and documents.

CSC’s unrelenting commitment to service began more than 120 years ago, and we have been proud to earn the trust of thousands of businesses around the world since, including 90% of the Fortune 500® and 8 of the nation’s 10 largest banks. Below are a number of elements of our service model that distinguish CSC and our approach to helping make the transition as seamless as possible for clients.  

Our people: complete dependability and unmatched expertise

A proud legacy of unmatched service, and an entire organization that will stand behind our work

New clients are immediately assigned a team of specialists who help make coming on board with CSC as easy as possible, and provide support for all of your business’s needs going forward.  Our service and support structure is customized for each client so we can best address the unique dynamics of your organization. CSC has extensive experience supporting businesses of all sizes, and we offer ongoing training – both scheduled group sessions and personalized training – to make sure everyone on your team is familiar with the tools available to them as your business evolves.

When it comes to getting started with CSC, communication and transparency are the cornerstones of our partnership. A dedicated project manager defines milestones for new clients and is responsible for completing most of the work to facilitate a change of agent. CSC recognizes that business continuity is essential, so without exception, we stand ready to answer any questions or concerns related to the receipt and delivery of service of process (SOP) documents to ensure there are no disruptions or delivery issues. Our change of agent process guarantees that your entities will never have a gap in registered agent representation – thereby ensuring that your SOP documents will not fall through the cracks during or after the transition.  CSC will support and assist our customers in every way we can to provide the best possible outcomes.

Experienced U.S.-based team backed by fully integrated national network

While some companies rely on a loosely organized collection of disconnected vendors, CSC’s well-established network of agent offices share common procedures, software, and hardware. Our processes are consistent and airtight, and backed by technology that is built for stability, performance, and scalability. All SOP documents are immediately scanned into CSC’s fully integrated national network, where they are processed by CSC’s SOP experts. This allows for the most accurate and efficient electronic delivery of SOP documents to our clients. 

The team responsible for all SOP decisions is a full-time, U.S.-based team specifically dedicated to handling SOP. CSC does not outsource critical SOP decisions – ever. Full-time and highly trained members of our Litigation Management team are 100% focused on the proper receipt, processing, and delivery of SOP documents to our customers.  You will never have to worry about how decisions are being made regarding your SOP or the level of care and control that CSC applies to managing your critical documents. We treat your business like our own, and our dedicated service team is always available for any questions you have.

We are a top workplace and our committed team looks forward to becoming an extension of yours.

CSC’s commitment to service extends to how we approach hiring and retaining top talent internally. When it comes to handling time-sensitive, business-critical documents, we know that having the right team supporting you is imperative. CSC has been named a Top Workplace in Delaware for 14 consecutive years, an honor earned from survey results provided by CSC employees. CSC is committed to our employees, their families, and our communities, which in turn creates a dedicated and accountable staff who are motivated by delivering the best for our clients.

Our approach to change of agent: no shortcuts and no surprises

Full transparency to the status of your entities

Your dedicated CSC change of agent team will conduct an immediate audit of good standing for each of a company’s entities in all states. New clients will receive a complete report including entity information, status, and current agent. As soon as the necessary stakeholders have a chance to review the report and approve the change of agent process, our team gets to work to complete all necessary filings.

Complete management of change of agent filings

Through a limited power of attorney, CSC is able to prepare and file all forms with the respective jurisdictions. In states that require the change of agent filing to be completed with the annual report filings (specifically California and Georgia), the filing will be submitted at that time. CSC will also provide the incumbent registered agent with the change of agent dates, allowing service to be seamlessly discontinued with that provider.

No billing surprises

The last thing that you and your organization need as part of implementing a new service is a surprise when it comes to your billing or invoicing. CSC provides complete pricing transparency and will send a consolidated invoice once the agent change is finalized. CSC absorbs all change of agent fees and does not pass these through to our customers.  Clients only pay for services they need so there are no hidden fees or extra charges.

At CSC, we deliver dependability without compromise.

Our expertise in providing a smooth transition, along with the unmatched ongoing service clients experience when naming CSC as registered agent, are just some of the reasons so many clients change their agent to CSC. Don’t miss the next installment of our series focused on our industry-leading technology and robust integrations to learn more about what CSC Registered Agent services can do for your organization.

In the meantime, download our free infographic on why clients change their agent to CSC here.

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