World-class service is the essential foundation for a reliable registered agent, but in today’s often-remote working environment and the digital age we’re living in, having the right tools to complement premier support is essential. Managing a large volume of service of process (SOP) and compliance information demands powerful and intuitive technology. Your internal teams, outside counsel, and business stakeholders must be able to access the data and documents they need quickly and securely—from anywhere. In many cases, they also need to leverage that information through other third-party systems to get their jobs done efficiently.

CSC offers a number of powerful tools to make sure our high level of service is coupled with equally outstanding technology. Our compliance solutions are all powered by our centralized, online application, CSCNavigator®, so your vital compliance events, entity data, and SOP are managed in a single, secure location. There’s no longer a need to juggle multiple vendors, deal with constant Excel file updates and version control headaches, or rely on members of your team for answers. Instead, you can be confident that everyone has the information they need – in an intuitive, organized fashion – no matter where they are. Read on to learn about some of the unique benefits of CSC’s technology and integrations.

 Leading service of process (SOP) and compliance management capabilities

  • Same-day scanning and electronic delivery of SOP, with online tracking for proof of delivery
    CSC makes sure you never have to worry about the status of your SOP. CSCNavigator, our web-based platform, provides complete transparency to the SOP lifecycle, all the way from delivery and acknowledgement through follow-up, to make sure nothing slips through the cracks.
  • Optical character recognition (OCR) scanning for every SOP page
    Our OCR scanning delivers pristine images that are all fully text-searchable. This capability makes it easy to locate information within any SOP document that CSC processes for you through simple keyword searches.
  • Robust and fully customizable SOP-routing rules
    CSC offers unmatched routing rules to automate the distribution of SOP documents to the parties you designate. This function efficiently puts SOP documents directly into the hands of the individuals responsible for them. CSC’s SOP ManagerSM solution can also be integrated with downstream Enterprise Legal Management (ELM) systems, claims, and payroll systems, sending SOP data and documents via a secure application program interface (API).
  • Permission-based access for easy collaboration with your entire team
    Administrators have the ability to set customized permissions for team members, including outside counsel, so individuals have access to the data and documents they need, but are restricted from accessing information that isn’t relevant to their role.
  • Documents and document filing evidence from any transaction or corporate filing completed by CSC (formation, annual report, qualification, etc.) automatically linked to the appropriate entity within your portfolio
    Manually linking each and every document that enters the system to the correct entity can require hours of work from your team. With CSC, documents and document filing evidence are automatically associated with the relevant entity.
  • Complete visibility to upcoming annual report compliance obligations
    CSC’s Good Standing calendar automatically provides insight into upcoming compliance obligations like annual reports that impact good standing status. Clients can receive proactive email alerts to stay on top of each upcoming filing.
  • Corporate entity status and information changes, as reported by the secretary of state, viewable in real-time
    Any changes to entity status information or compliance deadlines at the secretary of state level are immediately viewable within CSCNavigator.
  • Secure, perpetual storage of all data and documents
    Rely on us for the secure storage of your most critical documents for as long as you need.

Access to a complete suite of CSC compliance solutions and robust integrations

Access extended CSC compliance solutions

Organizations that use CSC Registered Agent services can also easily take advantage of the numerous other compliance solutions CSC provides, including CSC Business License solutions, CSC Entity Management℠, CSC Matter Management, CSC Annual Reports service, and more. All of the data, documents, and compliance events maintained with these services are securely aggregated and accessible through CSCNavigator. Your teams benefit from unprecedented transparency and access to all compliance information in a single, comprehensive platform.

For clients with a high volume of SOP or complexity around litigation, CSC offers CSC SOP Manager℠ and CSC Matter Management.  These enhanced solutions offer a myriad of benefits, including:

  • These matter-based platforms mean SOP documents are organized into legal matters
  • Subsequent SOP pleadings that relate to an existing matter are linked to the corresponding matter
  • Enhanced searching, SOP routing, acknowledgement workflow, and reporting

For clients with a high volume of legal entities and/or robust requirements around legal entity management, CSC offers CSC Entity Management. This enhanced solution supports the following:

  • Managing officer, director, management information
  • Secure electronic minute books and document management
  • Dynamic ownership-based graphical and text-based org charts
  • Unlimited custom fields, advanced searching, and robust reporting

Extensive integration capabilities via our secure APIs

In addition to offering the most reliable registered agent services and centralizing your SOP and core entity information, CSC makes it easy to leverage those data and documents through your other essential enterprise systems as needed. Our APIs allow your team to avoid time-consuming document uploads and rekeying of data into other downstream applications, and prevents the costly errors and accidental omissions that can result from manual data entry. CSC clients can securely transfer SOP to third-party applications such as claims, payroll, and ELM systems via our SOP API. Additionally, CSC’s Entity API creates a framework for clients to integrate their core entity data and documents into various systems such as tax and accounting platforms. The result? More effective collaboration with other departments and confidence in knowing all teams have a reliable single source of truth.

So much more than a mailing address

Ultimately, CSC is much more than a mailing address for your critical entity documents. Our experienced team of compliance specialists can handle your filings and guarantee compliance not only for your secretary of state obligations, but also the global corporate secretary requirements for your international entities and business license needs at the city, town, county, and municipal levels. The powerful automation, robust search, and dynamic reporting capabilities of our online platform empower your teams to do more and work more efficiently.

To learn more about our technology and integrations, contact a CSC compliance specialist today.  We look forward to sharing the third installment of our series on why clients change their agent to CSC in two weeks, as we dive into CSC’s approach to security.

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