COVID-19 Known State Closures / Delays

As you know, jurisdictions are in varying phases of reopening. Many secretary of state offices are now operating with limited staff and delayed processing. However, CSC has established electronic filing with most jurisdictions, as well as processes to manage your corporate filings, transactions, and Uniform Commercial Code (UCC) at normal levels in most cases. CSC has already begun working with our clients to manage their increased volume, and we are ready to do more. Contact your CSC Customer Service Team. We are prepared to take care of your filings, searches, and retrievals based on our deep knowledge of what is available in every jurisdiction.

We also continue to develop and deliver webinars led by subject matter experts in many areas. CSC customers can use these webinars to earn CLE, learn new skills, or refresh skills with the provided tips, procedures, and best practices. You can always find details about upcoming and recorded webinars on via our Webinars page:, and our Resource Center,

Through this pandemic, we have understood the importance of staying informed, delivering extraordinary service and making sure you, our customers, understand the most significant legislative developments, so you can assess the impact to your organization and take appropriate action. Continue to use this link to stay current:

For additional details, please visit the following:

Last updated: 8/8/2022

CSC cut-off times will vary per issuing office, please contact your CSC representative for additional information  

JurisdictionClosure or DelayDates ImpactedImpacted ServicesOnline Services  ImpactedNotes
AK – DMVOpen    
NoCorporate Filings and copies are delayed – The state does not offer expedite service options
AK – DNROpen 10am – 2pm AST6/1/20 – end date unknownUCC filings and searchesNoThe state does not offer expedite service options
AL – SOSOpen   All services no delays
AL – Department of RevenueOver the Counter not vailable3/18/20 – end date unknown N/AAll services no delays
AL – Trademark DivisionOpen   All services no delays
AL – DMVcourier only   Courier still being accepted 
AR – SOSDrop-off Only; CSC is not affected (same day service must be received by 11:00 am CST)3/13/20 – end date unknown  All services no delays
AZ – Corporate CommissionOpen3/24/20 – end date unknownCorp & LLCNoAll services no delays.
To meet state cut-off times, CSC must have by 8:45 AM MST for same day; 1:15 PM MST for 2 hour; and 3 PM MST for all other corporate services.
AZ – Navajo NationOpen   All services no delays
AZ – SOSDrop-Off Only3/23/20 – end date unknownUCC, Partnerships, Authentications & TradenamesNoUCC filing expedite options are suspended. Expedite service for Limited Partnerships is available.
Canada (Federal)Closed3/18/20 – end date unknownCorporate
Entities whose anniversary date is between February 1 and June 30 now have until September 30, 2020 to file their annual return.
NoDocuments may be emailed
Over the counter services delayed for all services
CA – DMVCourier only    
CA – Franchise Tax BoardClosed3/19/20 – end date unknownTax Reports / Status CertificatesN/ADocuments received by overnight courier/USPS will be processed. 
CA – SOSDrop-Off Only end date unknownN/ANo24 hour expedite and preclearance services are suspended. No other expedite options are currently available. The lobby is open for evidence pickup..  CSC cut off time 3 pm PST. Apostille/Authentication orders are taking approximately 5-7 days.
CO – DMVOpen    
CO-SOSOpen4/19/22N/ANoExpedite options are currently available for filings that cannot be submitted online
CO – Legalization UnitOpen4/19/22Apostille/Legalization Expedite options are currently available.
CT – DMVcourier only    
CT – SOSOpen  N/AAll services no delays
DC – DCRAOpenN/AN/ANoRecommended to continue to file online for faster service.
DC – Recorder of DeedsOver the counter not available3/23/20 – end date unknownUCC filings must be submitted via erecord. Paper documents will not be accepted.NoAll services no delays
DC – Notary Division Open   All services no delays
DE – DMVOpen    
DE – Division of RevenueClosed3/23/20 – end date unknownTax Good StandingsN/ADocuments received via USPS /overnight courier will be held by the state and processed once they open to the public.
All services delayed
The state does not offer expedite service options
DE – SOSCSC is not affected by DE’s limited public access3/23/20 – end date unknownN/A All services no delays
FL – DMVClosed    
FL – Secured Transaction Registry (UCC)Open N/A All services no delays
FL – SOSOpen Online services and Apostille / Legalization requests remain available NoRoutine corporate filings are delayed. Evidence is a letter only a stamped copy is not returned. The state does not offer expedite service options.
GA – DMVall DMV offices are closed    
GA – SOSOpen   All services no delays
GA – ApostillesOpenN/AN/AN/AAll services no delays
Guam – SOSClosed8/17/20 – end date unknownAll
The  $50 penalty for annual reports not filed by 09/01 will be imposed after 10/02
N/ADocuments will not be processed until the jurisdiction reopens. Annual return filings are being accepted.
HI – Bureau of ConveyancesOpenN/AUCC Searches
UCC filings are completed via erecord and not affected
NoAll services no delays
HI – DCCAOpen to the public 7:45 HST to 12:00 HST3/20/20 – end date unknownCorpNoAll expedite and routine options are delayed 
HI – DMVCourier only    
IA – DMVcourier only   Courier still being accepted
IA – SOSOpenN/AApostille request by appointment onlyNoExpect delays with paper Corporate filing 
UCC filings – delayed

UCC filings – delayed
ID – DMVClosed    
ID – SOSOver the Counter not available3/19/20 – end date unknownN/ANoAll services no delays
IL – DMVCourier Only    
NoAll service no delays
IN – DMVClosed    
IN – SOSOpenN/AN/AAll services no delays
KS – DMVClosed    
KS – SOSDrop-off Only3/23/20 – end date unknown NoAll services no delays
KY – DMVAccepting Courier    
KY – SOSOpenN/AN/ANoAll services no delays
LA – DMVClosed    
LA – SOSOver the Counter not available without an appointment   3/16/20 – end date unknownAll
Entities will remain in active status and will not be revoked or administratively dissolved until further notice. 
NoAll services no delays
MA – SOSOpen    Corporate filings and document retrieval orders are taking 48-72 hours
MA – Department of InsuranceOver the counter not available4/23/20 – end date unknownAllN/ADocuments received by  overnight courier/USPS will be processed and returned regular mail.
Document retrieval is delayed
The state does not offer expedite service options
MA – DMVcourier only    
MD – DMVBy appointment only    
MD – SOSDrop-Off Only ***(corporate filings that may not be submitted online)3/16/20 – end date unknown  All Corporate filings not available online may be dropped off Monday through Friday; CSC must have by 11:00 AM EST to meet the 11:30 AM EST courier cut-off time. Evidence will be sent regular mail. 2 hour expedite service is available Monday through Friday, limited to 5 submissions and must be submitted before 8:30 AM. CSC must have document by 4pm the prior business day.
Over the counter copy requests (business filings from 1999 and prior) are not available at this time.
MD – LegalizationsOpen3/16/20 – 5/16/22Apostille/LegalizationN/AAll services no delays
ME – DMVClosed    
ME – SOSDrop-Off-Only3/18/20 – end date unknownAllNoSame day service is suspended; 24 hour and routine services are delayed for corporate filings
MI – DMVClosed    
MI – SOSOpen – for drop off and payment service; no while you wait.8/2/2021N/ANoAll services no delays
MN – DMVOpen    
MN – SOSOpen Apostille/Authentication delayed
Annual Reports due on 5/15 will have late filing penalties assessed after 11/27.
NoOne hour corporate filing service is suspended – All other corporate filing services no delays
MO – DMVClosed    
MO – SOSOpen N/ANoOnly 6 expedites are allowed a day. The waiting list is approximately 1 month. Routine filings are taking 6 + weeks. UCC filings are not affected.
MS – Department of RevenueOpenN/AN/AN/AAll services no delays
MS – DMVclosed    
MS – SOSOpenN/AN/AN/AAll services no delays
MT – DMVcourier only    
MT – SOSOpen   All services no delays
NC – DMVClosed    
NC – LegalizationOpenN/AN/AN/AAll services no delays
NC – SOSOpen  NoAll services no delays
ND – SOSOpen   All services no delays
NE – SOSOpen  NoAll services no delays
NH – SOSOver the Counter not available3/27/20 – end date unknownApostille, Authentications & Tax Clearances will be delayedNoAll services no delays
NJ – DMVClosed until at least March 30    
NJ -Department of Taxation OpenN/ATax Status/ Clearance CertificatesN/AMust be submitted online
NJ – SOSOpenN/AN/ANo1 hour, 2 hour and same day service is suspended.                  Expedite corporate filing services delayed 5-8 days
Expedited Apostilles are delayed 10-12 days

NM – DMVCourier only    
NM – SOSOpen  NoAll services no delays
Northern Mariana Islands Open   All services no delays
NV – DMVclosed    
NV – SOSOpen by appointment only9/22/2021 end date unknownCorporate filings and document retrieval NoOver the counter corporate filing and corporate document retrieval expedited services are suspended.
NY – BankingOver the Counter not available5/13/20 – end date unknownN/AN/ADocument retrieval and consents are – delayed. The state does not offer expedite service options
NY – DMVClosed    
NY – InsuranceOver the Counter not availableEnd date unknownN/A Certified copies not available. No delays for good standings. The state does not offer expedite service options
NY – Legalization UnitDrop-Off Only8/2/2021 – end date unknownApostille/LegalizationN/ADocuments will be returned by USPS or FedEx. Processing time is 1-2 weeks.
NY – SOSOpen  NoAll expedite corporate filing services are available. The 24 hour service is taking 48 hours to receive evidence. 
OH – DMVClosed     
OH – SOSOpen – for over the counter service by appt only11/23/20 – end date unknown NoAll corporate filings services must be filed online except pre-clearances they may be sent to the vendor or by email to  Filings also may be submitted by USPS. Apostille/authentication request should be sent by USPS. An appointment may be scheduled for all urgent apostille/authentication requests. 
OK – DMVOpen    
OK – SOSOpenN/AN/ANoAll services no delays
OR – DMVAccepting transactions via courier    
OR –SOSOpen – May 2
N/AN/ANoAll services no delays
PA – Department of Revenue (including Labor and Industry)Over the counter not available3/19/20 – end date unknown NoTax Clearance – 1-6 months, Tax certificates – 1 -5 days
PA – DMVClosed until at least March 27    
PA – Legalization UnitDrop-Off Only3/16/20 – end date unknownApostille/LegalizationN/AAll services no delays.
PA – SOSDrop-Off Only3/16/20 – end date unknown All corporate & UCC FilingsNoNow offering expedited services on Mondays and Tuesdays only. Routine Corporate Filings – 30+ days Online document retrieval & UCC plain & certified searches – 1-2 weeks UCC filings – 3-5 days
Routine Corporate Filings – No delays
Document Retrieval, UCC Certified Searches and UCC filing  – No delays
Puerto Rico – Legalization UnitClosed3/19/20 – end date unknownApostille/LegalizationN/a 
Puerto Rico – SOSOver the Counter not available3/19/20 – end date unknownBased on the Administrative Order, it is required to request both extensions on or before November 6, 2020 to file the 2019 Annual Report..
 Once both extensions are requested, you must file said report on or before January 15, 2021 to avoid penalties
NoAll services no delays
RI – DMVCourier only    
RI – SOSDrop-Off Only3/17/20 – end date unknownAllNoAll services no delays
SC – SOSDrop-Off OnlyN/AN/ANoAll services no delays
SC – Department of RevenueDrop-Off OnlyEnd date unknown N/A 
SC – DMVOpen   Courier still being accepted, but unsure of turnaround times 
SD – DMVClosed    
SD – SOSOpen AllNoAll services no delays
TN – DMVCovington, Milington, Oakland, Shelby, Summer and Union services centers are closed. Can submit via courier.     
TN – SOSOpen  NoAll services no delays
TX – ComptrollerOver the counter not available
Drop-Off available for Authentications/Apostilles only
3/24/20 – end date unknownAll
Except Authentications/Apostilles
NoTax clearances are taking approximately 3 months and must be sent USPS. 
TX – DMVDallas County Closed, Harris County closed    
TX – SOSOver the Counter not available3/27/20 – end date unknown NoCorporate and UCC filings are delayed
US – Copyright OfficeBy appointment4/8/2022 – end date unknownN/ANoDocuments may also be submitted via email. An additional $550 special handling fee is available. Reports are not affected
US – IRSLimited Service3/31/20 – end date unknownEIN applicationNoMost applications are processed online. Applications that require fax submission are now being accepted. Services are delayed.
US – Office of the Comptroller of the CurrencyClosed04/06/20 – end date unknownCertificate of Good Standing Certified Copies of Charter DocumentsN/AAll services no delays
US – Patent & Trademark OfficeClosed3/16/20 – end date unknownUncertified document copiesNoAll services no delays
US – US Department of StateOver the Counter not available3/20/20 – end date unknownAuthenticationsN/AAll services are delayed approximate turnaround is 8-10 weeks.
USVI – Division of CorporationsOver the Counter not available3/25/20 – end date unknownCorporate filings NoMay be sent by overnight courier and USPS. 
UT – DMVClosed    
UT – SOSOpen AllNoAll services no delays
VA – DMVOpen    
VA – SOSDrop-off only3/18/20 – end date unknownallNoAll services no delays
VA – Legalization UnitOver the Counter not available3/16/20 – end date unknownApostille/LegalizationN/AMay be sent by overnight courier & USPS. The state does not offer expedite service options
VT – DMVCourier only    
VT – SOSOpen   All services no delays
WA-Department of LicensingClosed to the public8/28/20 – end date unknownUCCNoUCC copies ordered directly with the state are delayed. UCC filings are delayed approximately 3 weeks.
WA – SOSOpen
N/ACorporationsNoAll services no delays
Users are encouraged to file online where available.
WI – DMVAccpeting transactions via courier    
WI – Legalization UnitOver the counter not available3/26/20 – end date unknownApostille/LegalizationN/AMay be sent by overnight courier & USPS. The state does not offer expedite service options
WI – SOSOpenN/AAllNoCorporate filing 1 hour and 4 hour expedite services are suspended; 24-72 hour expedite is available.  
WV – DMVCourier only    
WV – SOSOpenN/AN/AN/AAll services no delays
WY – DMVCourier only    
WY- SOSOpen N/ANoDocuments must be dropped-off or mailed by USPS only – All services are delayed. The state does not offer expedite service options

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Annual Report Filing Details

JurisdictionAnnual report details
AL – Department of RevenueAnnual report due date extended until 7/15
AR – secretary of state (SOS)No late fees or interest for Franchise Tax Reports filed between 5/2 and 7/15
Canada (federal)Entities whose anniversary date is between 2/1 and 6/30 now have until 9/30 to file their annual return
CT – SOSLLC annual reports due 3/31 may be filed on or before 06/30 with no penalty applied
DC – Department of Consumer and Regulatory AffairsDue date extended until 6/1 for biennial reports
FL – SOSDue date extended until 6/30 for annual reports
GA – SOSAnnual registration renewal extension through 5/1 expired
IA – SOSBiennial reports which were not filed by 4/1 are delinquent; however, the state has no definitive plans for administrative dissolution
IL – SOSNo penalties for annual reports filed 90 days after the due date
IN – SOSEntities will remain in active status and will not be revoked or administratively dissolved until further notice
KS – SOSDue date extended until 7/15 for annual reports
LA – SOSEntities will remain in active status and will not be revoked or administratively dissolved until further notice
MD – SOS (Baltimore Office)Annual report and personal property return due date extended to 7/15
NC – SOSAnnual report due date extended until 7/15
NH- SOSAnnual reports due 4/15 will not be considered delinquent until after 6/15
NM – SOSAnnual report late filing penalty waived until 5/1 has expired
NV – SOSBiennial report’s due 4/15 is extended until 7/15
OR –SOSAnnual business license renewals due during closure will be extended 50 days after the emergency is terminated
Puerto Rico – SOSAnnual report due date not extended; however, the state is delaying the reinstatement fees upon request
SC – Department of RevenueAnnual report due date extended until 7/15
TX – ComptrollerThe Department of Revenue website indicates tax due dates will mirror the IRS and are extended to 7/15
WA – SOSFranchise tax report and the public information report due date extended to 7/15
 Delinquency fees for entities with an annual report due date of 4/30 are waived

State’s Open New Year’s Eve

State’s Open New Year’s Eve:CA, GA, MA, NY, RI, SC & TX (Closing at Noon CST)

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