Nevada and Delaware are among the most popular destinations for businesses choosing to incorporate outside their home state. In this webinar, we’ll highlight some meaningful differences between Nevada and Delaware corporate law and demonstrate how Nevada is not the “Delaware of the West.” We’ll discuss some of the distinctive aspects of Nevada’s corporate and limited liability company (LLC) laws, including certain fundamental provisions of Nevada Revised Statutes Chapters 78, 86, and 92A, as well as relevant Nevada cases. The topics we’ll discuss include:

  • Fiduciary duties of directors and officers and the Business Judgment Rule
  • Takeover and change-of-control considerations
  • Liability of directors and officers
  • Nevada distinctions regarding mergers, including intermediate-form mergers and appraisal and dissenter’s rights
  • Stockholder inspection rights
  • Corporate litigation in Nevada and the business court
  • Nevada’s “Acquisition of Controlling Interest” and “Combinations with Interested Stockholders” statutes
  • Ratification of defective corporate acts
  • Fiduciary duties in the LLC context
  • Recently enacted and proposed amendments to Nevada’s corporate and LLC statutes

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September 14, 2021 at 2 P.M. EDT

Critical Distinctions in Nevada Corporate and LLC Law