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CSC’s Delaware deskbook keeps readers current on important case law

For legal and business professionals, understanding how courts interpret Delaware’s business laws is critical to successfully managing their companies and executing transactions. Delaware is a leading domicile for U.S. and international business entities, and is known worldwide for its judicial system and the judges that decide its corporate cases.

CSC®Publishing releases its flagship publication Delaware Laws Governing Business Entities, twice a year, to ensure that practitioners are working with the most up-to-date statutory information and have access to the very latest case law.

The Spring 2017 Edition of Delaware Laws Governing Business Entities captures 75 new case notes from Delaware state courts and from courts in other jurisdictions applying Delaware business entity law. A Table of New Annotations lists added cases, and gray bars in the body of the book indicate where they have been inserted. Volume 2 contains a continuously updated collection of annotations from courts around the country interpreting Delaware business law.

The Spring Edition also includes the latest legislative changes, with updates through Act Chapter 2 of the 149th General Assembly, with updates to the Chancery Court rules through February 6, 2017. The Table of Sections Affected provides an overview of legislative changes, while Blackline Amendment notes clearly indicate how the laws have changed. In addition, in-depth legal analyses written by CSC® Publishing’s Senior Legal Advisors, Delaware attorneys Matthew O’Toole and Robert Symonds, explore the impact of the legislation coming out of the 2016 Session.

A comprehensive fee table in Volume 1 helps businesses calculate annual franchise taxes and other related entity fees, while Volume 2 contains the helpful “Guidelines for Persons Litigating in the Court of Chancery.” There is also a companion CD-ROM with more than 150 forms related to business law in Delaware.

The Spring 2017 Edition of Delaware Laws Governing Business Entities is available as a two-volume softbound book or as an ebook, compatible with dedicated e-reader devices, computers, tablets and smartphones that use e-reader software or applications. It is also available on the LexisNexis Digital Library.

Another essential resource for Delaware corporate law:

More Delaware limited liability companies are formed each year than any other Delaware business entity. Symonds & O’Toole on Delaware Limited Liability Companies—referred to in a Delaware Court of Chancery decision as “the leading Delaware LLC treatise”—offers workable solutions for even the most complex transactions and practical insight into case law interpreting the statute, to help practitioners provide the best possible representation and advice to clients looking to make the most of their Delaware LLCs.

The 2017 release of the treatise updates many chapters and sections of the text to address amendments to the Delaware Limited Liability Company Act and recent judicial decisions, and updates the appendices to include the 2016 version of the Delaware Limited Liability Company Act and the 2016 legislative bills.

Authors Robert L. Symonds, Jr. and Matthew J. O’Toole, are partners at Potter Anderson & Corroon LLP in Wilmington Delaware. Mr. Symonds is one of the original drafters of the Delaware Limited Liability Company Act. He is a former chairman and along with Mr. O’Toole is a long-time member of the Delaware State Bar Association committee responsible for proposing amendments to that statute and to Delaware’s limited partnership and general partnership laws.

To learn more about the Spring 2017 Edition of Delaware Laws Governing Business Entities and Symonds & O’Toole on Delaware Limited Liability Companies, call 1.800.533.1637 or visit us online at