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CSC’s New Borrower Notification Letter Service

CSC now offers additional comprehensive real estate services and technology. Our state-of-the-art technology allows you to access even more tools directly through our electronic recording (eRecording) system. This suite of services is unrivaled, helping you boost efficiency, cut down on third-party vendors, and maximize security.

With our new Borrower Notification Letter (BNL) service in ePrepare®, CSC has made it easier than ever to make sure your critical customer notices are generated seamlessly and delivered quickly. This service communicates important information to your customers
when documents are recorded. While these letters are typically associated with releases, CSC provides this service for all document types. ePrepare automatically prepares and mails borrower notification letters for you, saving you valuable time.

Finally, a digital decision made easy.

Contact us today to activate this service in your ePrepare system.