Cyber security threats continue to increase around the world, and any industry can be a target for bad actors. Recently, the legal industry has been in the news as a result of a security breach. The affected firm is blaming a third-party vendor, but the truth is, clients don’t care how hackers obtained their data, they just care that it was stolen. The takeaway from this unfortunate event: You’re only as secure as your least-secure vendor.

To defend against third-party security breaches, IANS Faculty recommends that you:

  • Review access levels of third-party MSPs, cloud providers and software developers and minimize to the extent possible.
  • Build least-privilege models on all new applications and trusted entities.
  • Around sensitive or market-moving data, bring together finance, PR, and InfoSec to audit the information flow to ensure there’s no chinks in the armor.
  • When existing partners don’t measure up, build remediation plans with performance hurdles.
  • Do not do business with third parties whose security practices are inadequate.

CSC is focused on service and security. Unlike some competitors, CSC does not rely on a network of small, potentially unstable local affiliates, and we have a 120-year history of acting as registered agent with processes and protections that comply with even the most rigorous regulations.

  • OFAC checking and other clearances are required in some jurisdictions and may not be in place for any or some of the independent businesses that make up the register agent locations for other providers.
  • CSC does not offshore or relegate decisions about SOP or other work to non-CSC employees, virtual receptionists or consultants.
  • All applications and data maintained on Corporation Service Company® (CSC®) servers, networks, and data storage systems are located within a world-class, ISO 27001-certified and Service Organization Control (SOC)-audited co-location hosting facility in Ashburn, VA, with a secondary CSC-owned facility in Springfield, IL.
  • SOC 2® Type II assessments are conducted annually by third-party auditing firms for CSC.

CSC continues to make investments in our security model and we’re proud to offer a robust, layered security infrastructure to give clients confidence in naming CSC as their registered agent. The premier protections we offer for our client’s data is just one reason so many clients choose CSC.

The bottom line: CSC’s service model, security, and online solutions continue to outperform any other service provider. Contact us today.

Cyber Security: Vendor Choices Matter