Let CSC help you through Delaware’s new paperless process.

Effective December 1, 2015, the Delaware Division of Corporations will modify the acceptable methods of communications for the filing of Uniform Commercial Code (UCC) records. The Division will no longer accept paper UCC forms submitted across the counter or via mail, courier, or fax.

This new process does not end the filing of paper UCC forms in Delaware. It only means that paper UCC forms cannot be submitted directly to the Division of Corporations. Authorized filers like Corporation Service Company® (CSC®) will continue to accept paper UCC forms and index them in the state’s UCC database, as they have for many years.

What does this mean for you?

All paper UCC forms must be submitted by an authorized filer like CSC. The acceptable methods for electronic filing of UCC records will not change. UCC records may be submitted for electronic filing either through CSC, or directly via Delaware’s e-UCC web application.

The following methods of submission are permitted by the Division:

  • Authorized filers like CSC can file UCC records directly into the Division of Corporations’ UCC index, including the data entry—which is double-checked by the Division of Corporations—and upload the filings on your behalf. From UCC-1 financing statements and UCC-3 continuations, to amendments, releases, and terminations, CSC can take care of every part of the UCC filing process, 24 hours a day.
  • UCC records can be submitted via XML using a system like our intuitive CSCFinancialOnlineSM application, which allows users to submit records and self-manage a portfolio of filed records with the assurance of a support team along the way.
  • UCC records can be submitted directly to the state via Delaware’s e-UCC web application.

Feel free to contact us with any questions on this change, or about how CSC can support your firm’s electronic filing of UCC records. For over six decades, CSC has helped the UCC community search and file, and we process millions of searches and filings annually. Talk to a UCC specialist today: 800-927-9800 or CSRcontact@cscglobal.com.

Effective December 1: Delaware UCC Paper Filing Change
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