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Entity status update: Texas and North Carolina

The Texas Comptroller’s Office recently changed its entity status structure, replacing all references to standing (e.g., “In Good Standing,” “Not in Good Standing” etc.) with terms such as “Active” and “Forfeited.”   Texas has also eliminated the status code for Exempt Corporations. The majority of these changes were from Good Standing (Exempt Corporation) to Active.

North Carolina recently updated the statuses of almost 17,000 entities. Some entities were changed from “Current-Active” to “Suspended” and others were changed from “Administratively Dissolved / Revoked” to “Multiple” (meaning the entity has multiple deficiencies).

CSC Corporate Tracker customers whose entities have been affected by these changes can expect to receive alerts this afternoon. To learn more about CSC Corporate Tracker, contact a CSC Representative at 877-463-5769.