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ePrepare Application Design Updates

This Thursday, April 9, 2020, users of the CSC ePrepare® platform will notice changes to the application’s toolbar design upon login. These design enhancements mark the final step in a series of gradual platform updates we’ve rolled out over the last six months, in an ongoing effort to make our eRecording solution more intuitive and easy to use. Here’s a sneak peak of what our new design will look like, along with a summary of the key changes for your awareness.

Key changes:

  • Action icons have been moved from the upper right corner of the screen to the new, dark blue secondary bar as tabs
    • Note, we maintained the same icons to help users recognize each feature
    • Text now appears next to the icons to help users more easily recognize what each action means
  • Settings and help can now be accessed by clicking on the user’s name in the upper right corner of the screen
    • Sub-tabs for the Settings page are laid out in this new drop-down

Current interface:

New design: