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eRecording Updates for CSC September 6, 2023

Mississippi, AR | Somerset, PA | Martinsville, VA: now eRecording through CSC®. Any document submitter with a computer, internet connection and scanner/printer can now eRecord in the referenced jurisdictions. Existing CSC customers can access available document types and required fields using:

CSC Submitter Bulletin Mississippi, AR

CSC Submitter Bulletin Somerset, PA

CSC Submitter Bulletin City of Martinsville, VA

Caldwell, NC is now eRecording deed document types with CSC.

Rio Grande, CO is now accepting Releases of Deeds of Trust electronically through CSC.

  • Rio Grande does not have a Deed of Trust look-up available. The original Deed of Trust will need to be provided with each Release.

Document submitters who are new to CSC or new to the electronic recording process should request a consultation with a CSC specialist. With eRecording, document submitters benefit from shorter wait times, fewer document rejections, faster rejection handling and more secure transmission of documents.