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eRecording Updates from CSC August 7, 2020

Marion, OH and New Castle, DE: now accepting Deeds through CSC®

Emmet, MI: now accepting documents that need to be tax certified

Any document submitter with a computer, internet connection and scanner/printer can now eRecord Deeds in Marion, OH, and New Castle, DE as well as additional documents in Emmet, MI through CSC.

New Castle County, DE Note:


WE DO NOT ACCEPT ANY E-Files that have a payment due on the 5403 Form, as these amounts are not payable to New Castle County. If there is a payment due based on the calculations on the 5403 Form, the Deed and accompanying affidavits must be mailed, FedEx, etc. and Form 5403 checks made payable to DE Div of Revenue.

Customers can email if the county has not been added to their drop-down lists or with any questions or concerns.

Document submitters who are new to CSC or new to the electronic recording process should request a consultation with a CSC specialist. With eRecording, document submitters benefit from shorter wait times, fewer document rejections, faster rejection handling and more secure transmission of documents.