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Georgia Revises Nonprofit Corporation Code

Georgia legislators approved a number of changes to the state’s business entity statutes during the 2023 session, including changes to the securities law to protect elder and disabled adults who may be victims of financial exploitation and a substantial revision of the Georgia Nonprofit Corporation Code. The changes are captured in the 2023 edition of Georgia Laws Governing Business Entities Annotated. Legislative Analysis provides an overview of the amendments, and changes are also listed in the Table of Sections Affected.

The 2023 edition features all of Title 14 (Corporations, Partnerships and Associations), as well as well as selected sections from related titles covering securities, trademarks, arbitration, and corporate taxation. There are also a dozen new case notes summarizing recent judicial interpretations of the law from state and federal courts have been added since the previous edition. New cases are listed in the Table of New Annotations, and marked with gray bars in the book for fast identification.

Also included are four full-text cases exploring recent legal developments regarding fiduciary duties, service of property on an officer, bankruptcy of an LLC, and Georgia’s stranger doctrine.

More than 50 business forms for incorporation and formation, qualification, mergers, dissolution, and name reservation for all Georgia entity types are available on the LexisNexis® Store download center. A listing of the forms can be found in the book’s appendix. An up-to-date Fee Schedule provides a snapshot of fees for Georgia filings.

The book’s expansive index, sequential pagination, and page tabs make finding the information quicker and easier, while larger pages and a clean typeface enhance readability. As with CSC’s other annotated statutory collections, Georgia Laws Governing Business Entities Annotated is also available as an eBook and is part of the LexisNexis Digital Library.

These features, together with the up-to-date annotated business entity legislation for the state, make this publication a valuable resource for the legal and business communities in Georgia and the surrounding region.

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