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Help finding that ‘perfect match’: The CSC Trust Private Equity Initiative

If you’re like most U.S. businesses, you’ve probably put many of your long-term plans on hold during the past few years, waiting for uncertainty to leave the market and value to return to your company. In the tough economic climate since 2007, valuations have been affected across the board and a number of companies with major debt burdens have even taken a fatal turn.

The financial uncertainty of recent years had another consequence in the middle and lower middle-markets: a steep decline in mergers and acquisitions. Turmoil in the banking sector led to a shortage of credit, which made it hard for private equity firms to get the financing they needed to close smaller deals, which typically require a significant dose of lending.

Fortunately that is changing, and more and more private equity firms are looking for worthy investments. If you’ve weathered the worst of the storm but held off on your plans to sell, now may be a good time to revive them. CSC Trust can help.

CSC Trust provides free, confidential private equity networking services to all of our customers. The CSC Trust Private Equity Initiative connects CSC corporate clients in need of growth or buyout capital with screened private equity clients with funds and relevant expertise. We currently maintain relationships with more than 80 private equity firms and the number continues to grow. 

Anyone who has ever sold a home knows how difficult and intrusive the process can be. It is even more so when selling a business. Any help an owner can get to connect with the right buyer represents a significant advantage. The same is true for private equity firms: deal flow is their lifeblood, and in an increasingly competitive market, most firms are interested in finding new channels for leads.

One of the main ways CSC Trust introduces clients to private equity firms is through our content-rich web seminars, which are geared toward those interested in selling their businesses. If a webinar attendee is interested in being introduced to a private equity firm, CSC Trust will gather their information after the event and look for a proper match. After CSC Trust finds a suitable firm, we provide an introduction and then step aside. Business owners don’t need to wait for a seminar date to receive our assistance, either—anyone interested in this free service can use our web portal to take the first step toward finding a match.


CSC Trust recently sat down with GF Data Resources, a Philadelphia-based firm that provides proprietary information on business transactions ranging from $10 million to $250 million, and PNC Riverarch Capital, a middle-market private equity firm based in Pittsburgh, PA.

The resulting web seminar, titled “What’s Your Business Worth? We Have the Answer!” covers topics including the private equity landscape, 2012 deal volumes and valuations by industry, 2013 outlook, and maximizing the value of your company.  Register now to view a recording of the presentation