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Illinois – Various Amendments to the Limited Liability Company Act, Business Corporations Act, and the General Not-For-Profit Corporation Act

House Bill 4449 (Public Act No. 608) signed by the governor July 22 and effective July 1, 2016 amends the LLC act to require the name of a series of an LLC to begin with the entire name of the LLC as set forth in its articles of organization and be distinguishable from the names of other series set forth in the articles; permits the Secretary of State to administratively dissolve any LLC for failure to maintain a registered agent in Illinois; amends the Business Corporations Act and General Not-for-Profit Corporation Act to require officers authorized by a corporation’s board of directors to execute and verify certain documents required to be filed in the office of the Secretary of State; and permits not-for-profit corporations may be administrative dissolved for failure to elect and maintain at least 3 directors.