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Corporate services: how to marry on-demand technology with the human touch

9 June 2021

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Human capital is increasingly important in the technology-driven world of funds, SPVs and global entity management. Amy Decombaz, our Senior Vice President, Midwest Development and Strategy, and Deirdre Hochman, our Managing Director, USA and Bahamas, tell us more.

As global asset managers and large corporations continue to outsource their corporate services, they increasingly want more than “just” an administrator.

Relationships are often behind the choice of service provider, whether it be for fund administration, board support, special purpose vehicle (SPV) administration, global entity management solutions, client accounting or other corporate services. The human element makes the real difference.

The move to a more interconnected digital world has centralised many administration tasks, and as the surge in data continues apace there is a danger of client relationships being overshadowed by technology.

Yet long-standing trusted client relationships can still be established – not despite the power of technology, but because of it. Whether they are US-based companies or global entities incorporating a US company, client service teams using technology to add value can not only interpret and implement client data in real-time – from simple administration to complex tasks – but also maintain strong personal engagement with clients.

Looking at corporate services through the client’s lens

One way to do this is to conduct extensive research into the client’s business, bringing a comprehensive understanding of their strategies, structures and unique business needs. This depth of knowledge can help identify client needs, even before they have registered those needs themselves – as well as challenges unique to them.

A tailored approach such as this, as well as attention to detail at every stage of the service process, is essential. It is also important to consider how clients need to deliver to their clients and shareholders. That might be in meeting regulatory and compliance requirements or being alerted to potential issues that require action.

A real commitment to human capital is vital, as is uncompromising integrity to the client. Particularly right now, with so many of us still working from home, speaking to someone in real time to clarify positions and concerns is critical for peace of mind.

By maintaining close contact, listening and feeling genuine empathy for client’s needs, service providers can become trusted partners at every level of the administration and corporate service process.

Maintaining relationships in real-time

Another way to offer a human touch is to combine local expertise with a global presence. Managers can develop relationships at the local level and communicate with clients in their time zone, whether virtually, by phone or – best of all, Covid-19 permitting – face-to-face. Many of our client management teams have regular scheduled relationship calls, on a monthly or quarterly basis or depending on clients’ schedules.

With 24/7 support, teams can continue to operate globally and communicate effectively with clients despite pandemic-related complications. Both empathetic collaboration and technology-powered interconnectivity are key.

Technology can tackle client challenges

There is no doubt that technology has been a great enabler, bringing huge benefits to clients and streamlining internal processes. For example, interconnectivity platforms allow seamless cross-border transactions and sharing of consistent Know Your Client (KYC) data in multiple jurisdictions. They enable greater transparency by giving clients access to up-to-date data for management reporting. For instance, we at Intertrust Group are actively developing our Iris platform – a secure online system for clients that lets them view their entire portfolio of administered legal entities.

Nevertheless, asset managers and multinational companies will always be looking for more cost-effective and efficient ways to do business – although this does not have to be at the expense of the human touch. Outsourcing to expert partners such as Intertrust Group to handle corporate governance and administration needs is one way to do this.

The quality of our services is down to not only the technology but also the people who use it. That’s why forging strong relationships with clients will always remain at the heart of our business operations.

Why Intertrust Group?

  • Intertrust Group delivers high-quality, tailored, corporate services, always with a view to building long-term relationships.
  • Intertrust Group’s main client service centre in the US is in Delaware, with relationship offices in Chicago, New York, New Jersey, San Francisco, Atlanta and Miami.
  • State-of-the-art technology including Iris, our secure platform for client portfolio overview.
  • Comprehensive and tech-driven SPV management services via our proprietary Prime SPV solution.
  • Single point of contact in timezone for face-to-face, virtual and phone support.