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DE&I: Is it time to seek outside help?

21 June 2022

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Limited partners are asking for more data than ever on diversity, equity and inclusion metrics, and while larger private equity firms have the internal resources to meet demand, for smaller groups outsourcing could be the way forward.

But soon, annual updates will not be enough. A report published this year by Intertrust Group found that more than a quarter of investors expect to have live on-demand information on DE&I in 10 years’ time, while around 30 percent will expect daily updates.

For Chitra Baskar, Intertrust’s chief operating officer and global head of funds and product, fund administrators have an opportunity to provide solutions as demand for data intensifies. In November, Intertrust launched a new end-to-end data gathering and analytics solution on ESG approaches for private fund managers. The product, which can also be used for DE&I data, supports local currencies and metrics and offers data validation features.

“Funds tend to outsource data collection, so it would increasingly need to become a part of the offering,” says Baskar. “It’s still growing, but there is definitely an increase in demand.”

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