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Discover the benefits of a Jersey International Savings Plan

5 March 2019

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International Savings Plans (ISPs) are an innovative new savings plan product offered in Jersey for multi-national employers and family offices. The law for ISPs came into force in Jersey on 1 January 2019 and it has received a great deal of interest from employers based all over the world.

Our Client Director Pensions & Savings Mark Lindsay spoke on the Jersey Finance panel about the benefits of a Jersey ISP.

The benefits

  • ISPs enable you to set up savings plans in Jersey for non-residents as an alternative or in addition to traditional pensions being offered to your employees
  • These forward thinking plans are more flexible in the timing of and type of benefits that can be paid to members
  • An employers can tailor the plan to suit its own and its employees’ incentive needs
  • Jersey’s ISP product is approved by the Jersey tax authorities
  • The finance industry of Jersey is highly experienced in managing corporate and trust structures, including ones set up for employee incentive purposes
  • Jersey’s robust regulatory framework and its political and economic stability form a solid foundation for setting up ISPs
  • Whether you are looking for a one stop solution, or specific expertise, Jersey, being the centre of excellence in respect of employee incentives products, should be your jurisdiction of choice

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