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Financial Times features our hedge fund CFO research, predicting increased exposure to cryptocurrencies

16 June 2021

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Our latest research surveying hedge fund CFOs has been featured in The Financial Times. The survey found that according to predictions, hedge funds plan to significantly increase their exposure to cryptocurrencies by 2026.

The survey featured 100 hedge fund chief financial officers globally and found that executives expect to hold an average of 7.2 per cent of their assets in cryptocurrencies in five years’ time. You can read the full report, here.

If replicated across the sector, that could equate to a total of about $312bn of assets in cryptos, based on data group Preqin’s forecast for the total size of the hedge fund industry. Seventeen per cent of respondents expected to have more than 10 per cent in crypto.

The growing enthusiasm shown by hedge funds stands in sharp contrast to widespread scepticism among more traditional asset managers, many of whom remain concerned about cryptocurrencies’ huge volatility and uncertainty over how they will be regulated.

Read the full article on the Financial Times here.