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Gender diversity in private capital: moving the dial in a static landscape

14 November 2022

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Our latest report shows private capital funds must do more to promote diversity.

Powered by proprietary research from Convergence Inc and their database of 40,000 fully profiled investment advisers and 250,000 private funds, our report investigates how gender diversity is evolving in the private capital industry – and whether firms need to do more to raise women into senior positions.

Although women are replacing men at board level within private equity companies faster than men are replacing women, our report shows that progress is still slow.

While women are making their way into board positions such as chief operating officer or chief financial officer, it appears it has been harder for them to take the CEO title. These numbers are especially low among new hires.

Intertrust Group’s data review explores how gender diversity compares across different fund types and against other industries. We also look at why gender diversity matters at board level, and how private capital firms can work to tip the balance.

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