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Generational wealth must move with the times, says our new Head of Private Wealth

16 June 2021

Alison Parry

Head of Private Wealth

Alison Parry

Head of Private Wealth

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Alison Parry is on a mission to strengthen communication between the group’s private wealth centres to meet the changing needs of today’s multi-generational families

Alison Parry joined Intertrust Group in 2019 as Head of Private Wealth, Guernsey. She has been strengthening their private wealth offering ever since by managing complex family and corporate structures, legal and governance issues across multiple jurisdictions – something she will continue to do in her new role as Head of Private Wealth globally.

Alison brings over 25 years of international experience specialising in offshore structuring to the group. Her previous roles included working for Barclays Wealth in Hong Kong before returning to Guernsey to lead their fiduciary operations. More recently she was Regional Head for Bahamas and Cayman for Butterfield.

What have you set out to achieve since joining Intertrust Group?

“Uniting and coordinating communication between our international private wealth centres to adapt to multi-generational needs and ambitions.”

How does your mission match clients’ needs?

“Our high-net-worth and family office clients are not only multi-generational, but also multi-jurisdictional. This combination brings to light a host of crucial decisions they need to make that can be influenced by market nuances, disclosure requirements and geopolitical events.”

How has wealth generation changed since you entered the industry?

“In my estimation, wealth creation has spread and grown faster since the onset of the internet than at any time in history. Younger generations of family offices have had an integral part in globalising family businesses.

“Then there are the tech and e-commerce founders-turned-serial-entrepreneurs who have emerged across the globe in the past decade. They have created and realised new wealth, rather than inheriting it, in both established and frontier markets.

“These founders can range in age from their 20s to 40s, which in itself generates a diverse basket of challenges and possibilities when it comes to wealth preservation. But we relish the opportunity.

“Personally, I find this exciting as the new generation of business founders have a very international outlook in both their businesses and lifestyles. We aim to have a positive and lasting role in structuring our clients’ financial legacies for future generations.”

What are your next steps?

“We will be building our talent base with strategic hires across our international centres to provide a holistic service that really looks out for families. We will cross-examine complex structures, such as Private Trust Companies and Foundations, and cross-border tax obligations so clients are aware of multi-jurisdictional options.

“Whether it’s keeping individual clients or multi-generational families updated and compliant with changing disclosure requirements or suggesting succession plans, I believe greater coordination and communication between our international centres is key. That will provide second and even third generations the structures and processes they need to grow and protect their assets across multiple jurisdictions.”

Intertrust Group has recently been ranked a Tier 1 Trust Company by eprivateclient