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Jersey – the right choice for employee incentive plans

30 May 2018

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Jersey, and the Channel Islands generally, has proven to be the jurisdiction of choice for trustee services provided to employee benefit trusts (EBT’s).

EBT is a very generic term used to describe trusts established to effectively govern share awards and other deferred bonus arrangements that are now almost mandatory for listed or regulated businesses around the world. Jersey trustees have the experience, technology and technical knowhow to ensure that these employee incentive plans are managed with the rigour and governance framework that shareholders expect.

Jersey’s regulated trust environment gives management and supervisory boards the confidence that their carefully designed share incentive plans for senior management and their regulatory or best practice deferral plans into funds that their clients invest in, align the goals of senior management with those of their shareholders and clients.

This strength in knowledge, investment in technology and rigorous governance is now seen as a world standard offering when establishing employee incentive arrangements and Jersey is increasingly the jurisdiction of choice for companies as far afield as the Middle East and Asia. In particular, the growing interest we’ve seen from Middle Eastern companies and advisors surrounding the need to reconsider how expat pensions or occupational savings schemes can best deliver value to employees in that region is picking up pace.

Once again, Jersey’s considerable experience and track record in delivering a robust, tried and tested trust solution is proving to be an effective international solution to achieving key economic and financial goals of companies with globally mobile employees.

The continued growth of our Performance & Reward Management business is testament to the confidence that expanding and global businesses place in our Island’s ability to meet their employee incentive plan needs.