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Opportunities in the ADGM

9 June 2020

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The UAE’s capital – Abu Dhabi – has like Dubai and the other Emirate States, a reputation for being a welcoming jurisdiction for new business and entrepreneurship. Established by the Abu Dhabi Chamber of Commerce, the Abu Dhabi Global Markets Financial Centre (ADGM) became fully operational in 2015 and has been a reputable hub for new business ever since its inception.

International clients and GCC Nationals have embraced the ADGM and its foresight to be flexible with its adoption of common law through England and Wales legal framework to facilitate a stable legal platform from which its clients have certainty in its laws from the start. This is welcomed by international clients wanting to undertake business through the Middle East.

We’ve had a presence in the Middle East for two decades and in both the ADGM and the Dubai International Finance Centre (DIFC) – exactly where our clients need us to be. Our established presence is why our clients choose to partner with us. We’re trustworthy and well connected with a formidable business network. We’re perfectly placed to take advantage of the new opportunities which are always arising in the region.

A global outlook

Many of these opportunities are, in part, the result of the Middle East adopting a more global outlook. The region retains its cultural values but is increasingly looking outward and engaging with the rest of the world.

The ADGM is itself a signal of the Middle East’s expansive mindset. A dedicated international finance centre has set the tone of the last half-decade and global businesses like us have been able to take advantage of the increased number of opportunities available for our business and our clients with inward and outward support for their activities.
This common law jurisdiction, arguably a selling point for ADGM, places it firmly on the international stage for business and finance, bringing business opportunities to  service providers queuing up to have a better foothold in the region.

This is hugely advantageous to our clients in the private wealth, corporate and fund spaces. They can rely on us to factor in cross-border considerations to support their activities and assist in structuring and administrating their assets, which are often multi-jurisdictional in nature.

Our presence in the ADGM has allowed us to build on our international reputation and establish a sound base of clients based in the Middle East who work with all of our service lines. In particular the historic importance of the UK market means that our clients are familiar with the laws that are in place in the ADGM and are comfortable doing business there.

Externally, our Asian client base has an increasing interest in Middle Eastern markets and many African clients are looking into this region because of a similar cultural disposition. Clients from the Americas are also establishing more of a presence in the ADGM and are looking to us and our global expertise to help them to do so.


Current opportunities in the Middle East, facilitated through our presence in the ADGM, revolve around corporate structuring and real estate especially.

The outward mindset of business and political leaders has manifested itself in an expansionist professional environment with a distinct growth agenda. Now’s a great time for investors to ‘get in on the ground floor’ of what looks to be a period of exciting growth for the region.

We offer all of our service lines across the Middle East and have vast experience working in the private wealth, corporate, funds and capital market sectors with not just clients based in the region but also those looking to establish a foothold there.

Get in touch with our team to learn how you can be part of the growth drive from the ADGM.