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Regulatory Spotlight – Edition One

8 July 2019

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We’re pleased to publish the first edition of our quarterly regulatory spotlight, highlighting and dissecting recent regulatory updates and developments affecting the financial services industry globally.

In this edition, you can read the following articles:

  • Making sense of a regulatory patchwork, Anja Grenner
  • Substantial changes in the Channel Islands, Amit Taylor
  • The Netherlands UBO register is expected to go live in January 2020, Bauke Faber
  • Are cyptocurrency and regulation compatible?, Cliff Pearce
  • Funds cross-border standardisation for UCITS and AIFs, Audrey Behan and Robert Comyn
  • Navigating a shifting regulatory landscape, Ciara Smith
  • New Partnership Representative requirements may surprise non-US fund managers, Richard Ruffer
  • Australian relief for foreign financial services providers to end in September 2019, Jeremy Brugmans
  • ESG criteria in the alternatives industry is driving more transparent investing, Colin MacKay and Michael Secondo
  • DAC6: Preparing for the unknown, Ciara Smith

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If you have any questions or want to know more about the topics highlighted in our regulatory spotlight, please get in touch.