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The accelerated growth of private credit: Navigating its complexity and operational growing pains

5 May 2022

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Our latest report explores opportunities and challenges in this rapidly growing asset class.

Powered by proprietary research from Convergence and their database of 40,000 fully profiled investment advisers and 250,000 private funds, our report investigates the booming private credit market in detail, looking at emerging trends and considering the challenges posed by this rapid growth.

According to the report, around USD $5tn is invested in alternative fixed income-oriented funds worldwide (excluding mutual funds and business development companies), with about 2,500 advisers managing almost 15,000 credit and fixed income funds.

Intertrust Group’s data review found numerous strategies among the active managers of credit funds, including private credit, speciality finance, asset-based finance, structured credit, diversified credit and non-distressed and distressed assets. Of those, it’s private credit and speciality finance that have seen the greatest growth in the past five years, 61% and 39%.

Against this backdrop, the report suggests that as private credit has grown, it has changed, leading to the emergence of a range of niche asset classes including supply-chain finance, litigation finance, sports finance and aviation finance. This trend towards diversification has brought higher returns, but also new complexities with the report highlighting specialist expertise, technology integration pressures and back office challenges.

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