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The flexible working trends attracting new business set-ups to the Netherlands

20 January 2022

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A business-friendly environment and flexible office solutions are driving demand in the Dutch capital and beyond.

Anyone setting up a new business or expanding abroad must consider a number of important criteria. Where is the best location? What size of office is needed? What are the facilities like? Where offers the optimum infrastructure, talent and business-friendly environment?

In recent years, the Netherlands has become popular for new business set-ups, particularly among venture capital and private equity entities. It’s not hard to see why. The Netherlands has a highly educated workforce, well-established financial and legal infrastructure, excellent transport links and a welcoming, entrepreneurial spirit.

But another draw is the ready availability of flexible office solutions that enable the hybrid working, which started with the pandemic – but looks likely to outlast it.

The Netherlands ranks among the world’s most open economies, offering an established international business climate, a highly developed financial sector and an extended network of investment treaties.

More growth has come as a result of Brexit, with UK companies setting up new European bases.

The country’s multilingual, multicultural workforce is a big draw. This talent pool represents a great opportunity to set up innovative businesses in the Netherlands operating across European markets.

The Netherlands’ vibrant entrepreneurial culture has given rise to new entities that are leading the way in technology, clean energy, medical technology and AI. Coupled with high standards of law and a respected legal framework similar to other EU countries, as well as the UK and US, all the right ingredients are present for business success.

Netherlands’ flexible working practices aid expansion

The Covid pandemic of the past 18 months or so has brought lasting change in how people work. The hybrid work model, where staff work from home for part of the week – widespread in the Netherlands – is persisting. Companies of all sizes are figuring out how to arrange hybrid work models.

A popular office solution in major cities is flexible working space. This can range from a couple of desks and a meeting room to a full office suite.

This all means all sorts of businesses looking to establish a Netherlands base may not need expensive office premises when first relocating. This can save costs, enabling firms to be streamlined and nimble at the start of their business lifecycle.

Radar Workspace, Intertrust Group’s office solutions team, has seen growing demand from many multinationals and asset managers, as well as smaller fund managers, wanting more hybrid use of office space.

For example, corporates and seed funds might initially need only registered office services. This flexibility frees companies from having to sign up to formal long-term arrangements, bringing lower property costs in rent, service charges and insurance.

How flexible working can help businesses of all sizes

Companies planning to bring in a new team might first send over a hiring manager to set up the office space, explore opportunities, establish a registered business, or set up a limited liability company.

Once a local presence is established, they can start to interview potential staff and meet clients in person. Flexible office space could be a cost-effective option while building a new team.

Using a flexible solution such as Radar Workspace also provides opportunities for networking and making new business contacts in the wider community.

Radar Workspace can assist clients when they move into new jurisdictions, simplifying and reducing the cost of finding, furnishing and operating a new office with the right technology and support. We can help incorporate the new company for which they will need a registered office.

Radar Workspace is exploring a further expansion into the UK, Asia and the US.

How Intertrust and Radar Workspace can help in the Netherlands

When setting up a business in the Netherlands we can assist all types of businesses with a high-end flexible workspace solution.

From our headquarters in Amsterdam, our highly skilled professionals in law and finance guide multinationals, financial institutions, alternative investment funds (private equity and real estate) and business entrepreneurs through every aspect of setting up, maintaining and running a local business.

We ensure a smooth collaboration between our clients and specialists with extensive knowledge of local rules and regulators. Our teams support you with a registered address, furnished offices and qualified directors to suit your requirements and ensure you comply with the regulators.

As your partner we can help you navigate local rules, culture and customs and how they affect legal and regulatory requirements.

Why Intertrust Group?

  • Intertrust Group is a publicly listed company with more than 65 years’ experience in providing world-class trust and corporate services to clients around the world.
  • Intertrust Group provides a wide range of financial and administrative services to clients operating and investing in the international business environment. We help companies to expand globally, offering support with restructuring, outsourcing and further developments.

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