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There’s a lot in the pipeline when it comes to SPACs, says Intertrust Group’s Arno Vink

10 June 2021

Arno Vink

Director, Capital Markets

Arno Vink

Director, Capital Markets

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Our Director, Capital Markets, Arno Vink was recently featured in  De Financiële Telegraaf providing his views on the latest SPACs trends in the Netherlands 

There is no doubt that SPACs are in full swing. About thirty companies intend to get to the Amsterdam stock exchange through SPACs, almost a third more of what was expected back in spring 2021. And, while London is making a comeback, many still prefer Amsterdam for this type of investment vehicle.  

According to Arno Vink, the wave of IPOs in the US in the past year has had an influence in making SPACs more popular. 

We’ve spoken with thirty interested parties in the space of a few months. This indicates explosive growth. There’s a lot in the pipeline. he says.  

Most of these companies operate in the FinTech and sustainable energy sectors.  

“Companies in Europe are interesting for investors because of the relatively low valuations. Another reason why Europe has become so attractive for them is because the prices in the US keep rising, and therefore, the same large parties are fishing in the same pond. Arno remarks.  

Commenting on the recent SPACs boom, Arno continued: out of the thirty interested companies, twenty of them are already preparing for an IPO in Amsterdam”. 

Arno expects Amsterdam to do very well in the time come due to the favorable regulatory environment, the flexible stock exchange rules and the experienced financial and legal advisors.  

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