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Introducing Property Search Services from CSC

The real estate industry has seen an increased pressure to adopt new digital technology. Home buyers, borrowers, financial institutions, and settlement agents have begun relying more heavily on digital and web-based tools to help them navigate the real estate industry. CSC electronic recording (eRecording)—the first eRecording service for the real estate industry—again pushed ahead of the industry to develop and deliver a full suite of unrivaled solutions to meet the increasing technology demands.

We’re introducing our Property Search services. These services provide immediate access to valuable public property records, allowing you to validate and verify loan information. Our system frees you from the time and effort of juggling different jurisdiction requirements and vendors. Just enter the property address and access a variety of reports, including:

  • Detailed search
  • Summary search
  • Tax status search
  • Property data images search
  • Assessor map

Finally, a digital decision made easy. Whether you’re lending money against a property, perfecting a loan, or preparing mortgage documents, CSC is the partner of choice for submitters of real estate documents. Contact us today to activate this service on your eRecording platform.

Join us for our upcoming webinar to learn more about Property Search and our other comprehensive services. Register at