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Jurisdictional Updates 12-1-2022

Delaware – Preclearance 24 Hour Service Available Until December 16, 2022

The Delaware Secretary of State Division of Corporations will accept the following documents for preclearance through Friday December 16, only on the 24 hour service: Mergers, Conversions, Restated, Designations, Domestications and Divisions.  The State requested that users (i) refrain from submitting multiple preclearances of similar documents and only entity name changes and (ii) cooperate to ensure that the documents submitted for preclearance conform to the statutes, regulations and issued guidelines.  The State will continue to monitor the workload and make adjustments as needed.

Arkansas – End of Year Franchise Tax Reminder

The Secretary of State posted an end of year reminder to businesses registered in Arkansas to pay franchise taxes online prior to December 31, 2022 to avoid revoked status.  Corporations and LLCs wishing to dissolve as of December 31, 2022 are encouraged to file online dissolution documents no later than Wednesday, December 28.