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Jurisdictional Updates 5-10-21

Colorado, Georgia, and Indiana – Legislation Passed Pertaining to Remote Meetings and Communications

Colorado – House Bill 1124 signed by the governor and effective April 19 facilitates business entities’ ability to conduct business activities electronically by defining terms, including address, delivery, document, e-mail, electronic transmission, notice, and sign, that relate to electronic communications; specifying how notice may be given by electronic transmission; and establishing requirements for remote participation in shareholders’ and directors’ meetings.

Georgia – House Bill 306 (Act No. 37) signed by the governor and effective April 29 provides that corporations and nonprofit corporations may hold annual and special meetings of shareholders and members by remote communications.

Indiana – House Bill 1464 (Public Law No. 206-2021) signed by the governor and effective April 29 amends business laws relating to emergency procedures for shareholder meetings and enables corporations to conduct meetings by remote communication; permits the Secretary of State to remove a name or assumed name from entity filing records if a name false indicates or implies a connection with a state or federal government agency; and provides for electronic submission of trademark filings.