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Jurisdictional Updates 8-15-2022

Puerto Rico – Registry of Legal Entities

The Registry of Legal Entities was created by the Department of State on June 2, 2022, in accordance with Article 222 of Act No. 55-2020 known as the Puerto Rico Civil Code which replaced the 1930 Civil Code and is the main source of private law in the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico. The registration requires completion of an application (Request for Registration) requiring name of legal entity, employer identification number (EIN), entity type, jurisdiction, date of organization of the entity, the constitutive document (certificate of incorporation, public deed or other document), the purposes of the entity, a natural person representing the entity with scope of powers and responsibilities, and contact information for the person submitting the registration. Copies of the constituent documents are not required to be submitted with the application. After review of the application, the filing office will issue a registration certificate with the assigned registration number. More information on this new requirement including links to forms for the application, amendment or modification, and complaint or legal claims against an entity, can be accessed at Registry of Legal Entities | Departamento de Estado (