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Meet Sean Foronjy, our new head of Loan Agency

Sean Foronjy has always had an interest in the financial world. As a kid, he used money from his Communion to buy his first shares of stock. That young investor is now head of Loan Agency services for Delaware Trust Company, a wholly owned subsidiary of CSC.

Foronjy (pronounced for-ON-gee) is responsible for managing, growing, and supporting the U.S. Loan Agency business while collaborating with regional teams in Europe and APAC to assist in cross-border transactions.

Within the Loan Agency business, he says most of the clients are referrals. “That’s a good thing. That means that the clients are coming back because they’re very happy with the service. The idea is to grow globally and expand the existing client base, and take things to another level,” says Sean, a Long Island, New York, resident who joined Delaware Trust in July 2020.

“There’s a lot of potential here for the Loan Agency business. Some of the other business units within CSC really compliment the Loan Agency business.. The management team’s vision aligns with the way I think. The collaboration between the fund administration, indenture trustee, and our bankruptcy and restructuring groups all complement our loan administration services. Overall, the team here is excellent. The culture is fantastic,” he says.

Getting hired in the middle of the pandemic and working remotely without meeting your co-workers can be a trying experience, but Sean has made the most of it. “I speak with my co-workers daily to discuss deals that we have and potential opportunities. Externally, we speak to lawyers and finance professionals to let them know that we’re here to help. We’re doing a lot of planning for what’s going to happen in the next few years as the business continues to grow.”

Before joining Delaware Trust, he was head of client services and Operations at GLAS Americas, where he helped establish and grow their loan agency business in the United States. He also worked at OZ Management in the accounting and operations department, heading up their loan agency team. Earlier in his career, he held positions at Paloma Partners and Amaranth Advisors.

Sean enjoys spending time with his wife, their two-year-old daughter, and their dog. He loves sailing, something he’s done since he was a kid, but hasn’t had much time for it lately. “Life with a two-year-old is pretty hectic. My father has a 26-foot sailboat that’s more of a daysailer, but it does the job.”  They take the boat out on Long Island’s South Bay, which he says is big enough where you can sail easily.

“When I was a kid, we used to do the ocean, and we’d sail to Montauk, Rhode Island, and Connecticut. But now, it’s just daysailing. We just go off for the day and you come back in,” he says.

CSC Global Financial Markets – Corporate Trust Services

CSC Global Financial Markets (GFM) is a leading provider of trust and corporate services for every stage of the corporate life cycle, including bankruptcy. CSC is recognized by rating agencies and lenders as one of the only approved providers of professional independent director services in the United States. CSC also offers liquidating or litigation trustee services as a fiduciary. Through our wholly owned affiliate and regulated trust company, Delaware Trust Company, which, as a nonlending institution, is truly free of conflicts of interests, we offer a full range of bankruptcy-related services, including successor indenture trustee, Delaware statutory trustee for liquidating or litigation trusts, administrative and collateral agent, escrow agent for subscription offerings and Section 363 asset sales, and disbursing agent for liquidations or litigation.