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Multi-strategy and Multijurisdictional Transitions: How Are Fund Managers Addressing the Operational Challenges?

In a recent survey by CSC to be released later this month, 90% of general partners say they plan to expand geographical coverage—either “significantly” or “somewhat”—in the next 24 months. At the same time, nearly 97% say they will diversify into new asset classes. However, these paths to growth come with a unique set of challenges particularly regarding fund operations and compliance. It’s timely then, that we’re leading a panel at the LPGP CFO/COO Private Equity conference in New York on November 1, 2023 to discuss these challenges and how fund managers can navigate them. 

Moderated by Delphine Jones, managing director of Client Solutions at CSC, the panel will focus on the top operational challenges that diversifying into new jurisdictions and strategies present for fund managers.  Key topics the panel will discuss include:

  • The increased operational complexity of transitioning to a multi-strategy approach. Fund managers need to adjust their operational processes and systems to accommodate multiple strategies, including investor reporting, risk management, and compliance. Coordinating these processes efficiently is vital to the fund’s success.
  • Adhering to the regulatory requirements of a new jurisdiction is a critical challenge. Fund managers are being proactive in the quest for the next great deal or for the next group of large investors, but they must navigate new regulatory frameworks and local customs.

Attend our panel discussion at the 2023 LPGP CFO/COO Private Equity conference, where we will explore these challenges and others facing general partners managing multiple strategies and moving into new and multiple jurisdictions.

Not attending? Learn how CSC can help HERE.