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Notice of outcome in the written procedure for senior bonds issued by Hancap AB (publ)

12 December 2019

To the bondholders in the senior secured bonds with ISIN NO0010769276, NO0010769284 and NO0010769292 issued by Hancap AB (publ) (the “Bonds”).

In the written procedure for which notice was given on 21 November 2019 and the last date to vote was 10 December 2019, the agent hereby announces the successful completion of the written procedure in relation to the Bonds regarding certain waivers to the terms and conditions.

A sufficient number of bondholders participated in the written procedure in order to form a quorum and the request was accepted by more than 50 per cent of the eligible votes.

The press release from Hancap AB (publ) can be found here.
For further information, please contact:

Beatrice Gustafsson
Intertrust (Sweden) AB
Phone: +46 70 141 10 82

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