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Notice of Written Procedure for senior secured bonds issued by Hancap AB (publ)

13 March 2019

Intertrust (Sweden) AB (the “Trustee”) acting in its capacity as trustee for the bondholders under the terms and conditions for the bonds, has at the request of the Issuer on 13 March 2019 initiated a written procedure by which bondholders can approve or reject a proposal from the Issuer.

The Issuer has today announced by way of a press release a restructuring plan which involves certain amendments and waivers to the terms and conditions. The request consists of four separate parts, which are resolved upon by the Bondholders as one single resolution. The first part relates to a partial redemption of Bonds against payment by way of issuing preference shares (Class D) in the Issuer, to be effective upon certain conditions specified in the notice occuring. The second part relates to a permanent amendment to the Terms and Conditions, also effective subject to certain conditions specified in the notice occurring. The third part relates to an interim waiver of the interest payment to be made on the Interest Payment date falling on 11 April 2019 and any default outstanding under the Terms and Conditions. The fourth part consists of authorization to the Agent and JOOL Markets AS to enable the request. 

Voting forms must be received by the Trustee no later than 12:00 CET on 1 April 2019.

Please find the full notice here and the press release from the Issuer here.

Fur further information, please contact:

Intertrust (Sweden) AB

Contact: Kristofer Nivenius

Phone: +46 70 688 19 10


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