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Notice of written procedure for senior unsecured callable floating rate bonds issued by Leovegas AB (publ)

12 June 2023

To Bondholders of the SEK 700,000,000 senior unsecured callable floating rate bonds with ISIN SE0015242854 (the “Bonds”) issued by LeoVegas AB (publ) (the “Issuer”).

This Notice and voting request has been sent by Intertrust (Sweden) AB (the “Agent”) on 12 June 2023 2023 to direct registered owners and registered authorised nominees (Sw. förvaltare) of the Bonds recorded as of 9 June 2023 in the debt register (Sw. skuldbok) kept by Euroclear Sweden AB (the “CSD”). If you are an authorised nominee under the Swedish Central Securities Depositories and Financial Instruments Accounts Act (Sw. lag (1998:1479) om värdepapperscentraler och kontoföring av finansiella instrument) or if you otherwise are holding Bonds on behalf of someone else on a securities account, please forward this Notice and voting request to the holder you represent as soon as possible. See Section 3.2 (Voting Rights) for further information.

At the request of the Issuer, the Agent, acting in its capacity as agent for the Bondholders under the Terms and Conditions, hereby initiates a written procedure (the “Written Procedure”), in which the Bondholders can vote for or against the Request (as defined in Section 2 (Request) below).


Please see the full notice linked :


Last day to vote: 12:00 CEST 7 July 2023


Address for sending replies:

Return the Voting Form, in the form set out in Schedule 1, and, if applicable, the Power of Attorney, in the form set out in Schedule 2, or other sufficient evidence, if the Bonds are held in custody other than Euroclear Sweden, by regular mail, scanned copy by e-mail, or by courier to:


By regular mail:
Intertrust (Sweden) AB Attn: Tina Danielsson P.O. Box 16285 SE-103 25 Stockholm

By courier:
Intertrust (Sweden) AB Attn: Tina Danielsson Sveavägen 9, 10th floor SE-111 57 Stockholm

By e-mail:


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