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Smallville – Information from the Issuer about interest payments

20 June 2022

Please find attached information from Smallville in relation to interest payments of NOK for ISIN: NO0012450602

Due to the technical setup of the VPS system it is not possible to make interest payments for the NOK Bond. The reason for this explained below by DNB.

Comment from DNB and VPS:
ISIN NO0010843600 had maturity date on 20.02.2022. As the maturity date was not amended before 2 days prior to the maturity date, the ISIN was registered as defaulted,
as no payment was made to investors, and ISIN was closed down in the VPS.

Instead, VPS issued a new ISIN:
NO0012450602 – Non-Interestbearing ISIN for defaulted redemption 20.02.2022, outstanding position of NOK 22,000,000, i.e. technically no interest can be paid.
The Issuer has been working on finding a solution to this problem with its advisors for some time and have concluded that there is no ideal solution.

The Issuer will revert with a suggestion of how to treat the issue during next week.

The notice can be downloaded here: PRM WP update nok ränta

For further information, please see or contact:
Lars Kristiansson, CEO. Smallville AB (publ).
Telefon: 08-23 52 00, E-post:

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