In an uncertain world, corporate compliance has become more daunting, making the need to centralize and simplify entity data, service of process, and jurisdictional updates more important than ever. Finding a provider that puts service, technology, and security at the forefront—for the most effective management of your data and documents—is where CSC comes in.

We listen to the needs of our customers and innovate as the industry evolves. For more than 120 years, we’ve helped thousands of clients with our unmatched compliance services, including CareVet, whose general counsel, Krishna Walker, was recently featured in Vanguard’s Spring 2021 magazine.

Dependability without compromise

After CareVet was founded 2018 they knew they needed a legal team to help them expand and continue to serve their valued clients, and hiring Krishna to lead that team was their first step.

When Krishna became general counsel of CareVet in mid-2020, her first order of business was efficiency and consolidation. Bringing compliance in-house with CSC Registered Agent services and our entity management platform made managing entities and controlling costs easy.

Read about how CareVet has been able to focus on growing their business now that CSC is handling their compliance needs.

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