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Private capital CFOs expect reporting demands to skyrocket, according to our latest report

16 February 2021

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Today’s private capital investors want more data than ever – so how can CFOs deliver? Our latest piece of global research addresses this challenge – and more.

Between December 2020 and January 2021, we surveyed 300+ private capital CFOs from around the world to ask them how they expect their roles to evolve over the next decade. The results were compelling – and highlighted an urgent need for transformation in the private capital space. We’re proud to publish our findings today in our report, The future private capital CFO: Evolving in a digital age.

Respondents to our survey, conducted in partnership with Global Custodian, anticipate a sharp rise in reporting demands from their LPs over the coming years. Many expect a requirement for daily, or even live updates. As trends such as ESG become even more widespread, the diversity and depth of this reporting will only become more complex – so private capital funds must pick the right tools to help them deliver.

In this journey towards greater transparency, private capital CFOs say they’ll look to one of these three options: outsourcing operations, investing in more technology, or hiring in more talent.

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