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Virginia – Corporate and UCC System Outage Beginning November 22

The state of Virginia will be implementing a new corporate & ucc internal system and website; scheduled to go live Monday, December 9.


  • Over the counter document retrieval; should not be impacted
  • Over the counter filings; routine service only, expedite will be unavailable Friday 11/22 COB thru Monday morning, 12/16
  • Online Filing & Online Document Retrieval; will be unavailable Friday 11/22 COB thru Monday morning 12/9
  • The state’s UCC XML & Online Annual Assessments; will be unavailable from Wednesday, 11/27 COB thru Monday morning 12/9.
  • Complex filing types may be further delayed

Filing Dates

  • Approved UCC filings will receive the date submitted as the file date
  • Corporate filings will receive the process date as the file date

Website – additional details will follow as available

  • Online accounts will be set up for users once live
  • CSC will be sending customer PINs for the new system