Why Clients Change Their Registered Agent to CSC Part 3: Security

Security management is essential when relying on outside vendors. Are you asking comprehensive questions to make sure that your registered agent not only offers a robust security model, but the vendors they partner with have equally strict security measures in place? Have you stopped to think about the negative consequences your business could incur if a malicious third-party gained access to your sensitive legal documents? What if a security breach took your registered agent offline for a prolonged period and you couldn’t access your service of process (SOP) and entity information?

At CSC, we take extensive measures to protect your data and documents—and we hire third-party auditors to ensure we’re meeting the highest security standards available. We have the same high expectations for our technology vendor partners. Our commitment to providing best-in-class security is among the leading reasons clients tell us they choose CSC Registered Agent services, and will be the focus of the third and final installment of our series on Why Clients Change Their Registered Agent to CSC.

CSC’s comprehensive, layered approach to security ensures we provide the most thorough protection possible for you and your team, your data, and the CSC service team members accessing it. Protected by data loss prevention, 24/7 monitoring, host intrusion detection and so much more, CSC provides top notch security for all customers. In addition to our breadth of technology security measures, we also employ a full team of specially trained and vetted SOP experts who make all decisions regarding your SOP. These decisions are never outsourced or offshored, so you can always trust that your documents are in good hands.

Here’s a look at what our layered approach means for you and your organization.

Protection for you and your team

Protection for you and everyone on your team starts with security controls around who can access your CSC account, including:

  • A single sign-on support option so your corporate network tells our network who you are, eliminating the need to store your passwords
  • Breached password detection for customers who opt out of single sign-on, enabling you to check your proposed password against a breach database
    • The system will alert you if you’re reusing a password or have selected a password that multiple other people use, and a new password will be required.
  • Detailed authorization and application-level roles and permissions to control what users have access to within CSC’s solutions at a granular level

Protection for your data and documents

Layered protections for your data and documents in CSC systems and servers:

  • Full encryption at rest so your data is always protected
  • All CSC applications and data maintained on CSC servers in a U.S.-based ISO 27001-certified and Service Organization Control (SOC)-audited hosting environment
  • Stringent data access procedures and controls maintained
  • Business continuity and disaster recovery process
  • Regular application penetration testing to ensure applications are protected from hacking attempts
  • Regular crisis drills
  • Best-in-class denial of service protection

Protection for the CSC service team members accessing our systems

Security controls for the CSC team members that maintain the systems that house client information:

  • Access
    • 16-24 character password requirement for employees
    • Two-factor authentication for protection beyond passwords
  • Password manager to help maintain complex passwords
  • Anti-phishing and anti-virus on all CSC user devices
  • Intrusion protection to both stop attacks and detect behaviors from certain machines to block accordingly
  • State of the art security operations center
    •   Team works 24/7 to analyze ongoing, incoming phishing attempts
  • Regular education

At CSC, we deliver dependability without compromise

CSC continues to make investments in our security model and we’re proud to offer this robust, layered security infrastructure to give clients confidence in naming CSC as their registered agent. The premier protections we offer for our client’s data is just one reason so many clients choose CSC. If you missed the two previous posts in our series on Why Clients Choose CSC as Registered Agent, read about our world class service and intuitive technology and integrations now.

You can also view our recent webinar exploring the leading reasons clients change their agent to CSC.

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