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Why Submitters Choose CSC eRecording Part 1: Technology

This is the first of a four part series on Why Submitters Choose CSC eRecording. When it comes to your customers, making sure every element of their real estate closing process is smooth and efficient is critical. This requires the right tools and technology.

We are proud to have earned best-in-class ratings from our customers year after year across all categories assessed, including delivering outstanding experiences in technology, training, customer service, and invoicing*. Read on to learn about some of the aspects of our electronic recording (eRecording) technology that have helped us earn client trust and prompted so many document submitters like you to make the switch to CSC eRecording.

CSC’s secure, web-based eRecording solution includes a number of features to support workflow efficiency. The platform includes permission controls, so access to the solution is restricted, and an audit log with date and time stamps to track progress. Document submitters are able to easily comply with various jurisdiction recording requirements, and both submitters and recording offices can rest assured that the proper party has control over the documents throughout the entire process. Additional, notable features of the CSC eRecording application include: 

  • Reliability – CSC strives to provide 24/7 uptime for all applications and services.
  • Unmatched image enhancement tools – Our platform provides simple and effective image enhancement tools to ensure adherence to county standards, improving efficiency and reducing rejections.
  • Ongoing new feature development – CSC releases regular feature enhancements within our eRecording platform in an ongoing effort to make the user experience more simple and intuitive.
  • Live chat – A live chat feature is available in the platform so you can get real-time answers to your questions.

To learn more about CSC eRecording or to see a full demonstration of our technology, contact us today.

Download our infographic, Why Submitters Choose CSC eRecording.

*Ratings based on published Net Promoter Score for 2018 and 2019 calendar years and the first quarter of 2020.