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Why Submitters Choose CSC eRecording Part 3: Implementation

As we discussed in the first two posts of this blog series, real estate document submitters often tell us about the importance of having intuitive digital tools to improve their workflows, and the backing of robust security features to protect their data and secure their interest. Yet even when companies find tools that deliver these benefits, we often hear that the headaches associated with the implementation and onboarding processes can be a deterrent for considering new or different technology providers.

We covered some of the unique features of CSC’s technology and security that have helped us earn the leading customer reviews in the industry*, and in this installment of our four-part series on Why Submitters Choose CSC eRecording, we’ll turn our attention to CSC’s approach to implementation.

CSC’s philosophy is that eRecording providers should be equally focused on service and technology—so in addition to offering superior digital tools, we believe that delivering exceptional support and making implementation as easy as possible for your team are top priorities. CSC’s unrelenting commitment to service began more than 120 years ago, and since then, we’re proud to say we’ve earned the trust of businesses around the world.

Over the years, we’ve helped onboard customers of all sizes, from individual submitters to eight of the 10 largest banks in the U.S. We strive to make sure all users are comfortable with the technology so the benefits and efficiencies it can provide are maximized for each organization’s unique needs.

Our knowledge of our clients’ businesses, our thorough approach, and the undivided attention we apply to understanding our clients’ priorities are what drive our ability to offer best-in-class support. Some of the highlights of CSC’s onboarding process include:

  • Fast and seamless new county activations: The CSC network is consistently growing and newly activated counties are immediately accessible without requiring a formal request.
  • Onboarding training: A CSC Customer Support Team member will proactively coordinate training sessions and can provide additional, targeted training sessions either one-on-one or together with your team.
  • Ongoing product and new feature training: Online training sessions are available with the CSC team every week.
  • Live Chat: A Live Chat feature is available in the platform so you can get real-time answers to your questions as you get acquainted with the system.

To learn more about CSC eRecording or to see a full demonstration of our technology, contact us today.

And to see a complete summary of why submitters choose CSC eRecording, download our infographic.

*Ratings based on published Net Promoter Score for 2018 and 2019 calendar years and the first quarter of 2020.