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Why Submitters Choose CSC eRecording Part 4: Expertise

The quality of CSC’s electronic recording (eRecording) technology and service models are clear drivers for why so many customers come to CSC. Our ability to deliver meaningful product enhancements and service to help clients navigate shifting market dynamics hinges on the team behind the technology. This week, we’ll cover the fourth and final reason why so many document submitters choose—and stay with—CSC eRecording: expertise.

The foundation of our continued success has been our commitment to understanding our customers. This includes understanding the evolving demands and dynamics of the markets in which our clients work and, in response, determining how CSC can most effectively adapt our services to help them thrive.

Our eRecording team applies the insight they’ve gained from years of partnering closely with document submitters, recorders, and industry partners to ensure we can address your questions and deliver the highest quality in both our service and technology. CSC’s level of expertise is bolstered by:

  • Experienced team – Collectively, CSC support representatives have hundreds of years of knowledge and experience in post-closing and real estate document recording environments.
  • Dedicated support teams for different client needs – We have dedicated county sales representatives in addition to submitter and national account teams to support businesses of all types and sizes.

To learn more about CSC eRecording or to see a full demonstration of our technology, contact us today.

Download our infographic, Why Submitters Choose CSC eRecording.