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7 Ways We Empower Tax Professionals – Anywhere You Work

Happily for CSC Corptax® clients, our single-system architecture makes working from home—or anywhere in the world—as seamless as working from the office. Check out some work-from-home pluses you get with us.

  1. Work remotely but never alone

The last thing you want is trouble getting help when you need it. Here’s how we prioritize customer support more than any other vendor.

    • A deep bench of responsive, knowledgeable support professionals
    • Comprehensive 24/7 knowledge base
    • In-product video demos
    • Extended and weekend phone support during busy seasons
    • Follow-up documentation
  1. Access data in a few clicks

Storing structured data in a single tax system puts whatever you need at your fingertips. Plus, powerful automation makes it simple to:

    • Import data into Corptax from virtually any system
    • Access and use data in your Excel files
    • Pull data at any level for analytics
    • Share data with Finance and Accounting

When your data is easy to get, use, and manage, work keeps moving—even when the world stops.

  1. Drill down to source data

If you want to check a number with a colleague who’s away, no worries: audit trails provide the answers. Track numbers back to source data and always know who did what, when.

Having a solid history handy not only eliminates digging, but supports you if questions arise in an audit.

  1. Work concurrently in the same return

Work on federal and state tasks simultaneously and securely. Perform reviews without waiting. Always work securely by assigning permissions and locking down data when needed.

Unlike systems that restrict access to one user per return, Corptax lets multiple users work in the same return at the same time.

  1. Overcome hassles created by manual work

 If you’re at home wrestling with manual override errors in state returns, let us de-stress your day. Corptax technology uses federal data already in the system and automates apportionment factors, allocations, and state modifications.

Plus, by automating adjustments, reconciliations, and other manually-intensive tasks, time-savings and accuracy add up!

  1. Stay secure with Corptax SaaS

By hosting your data, Corptax SaaS reduces the need to manage and maintain internally-hosted enterprise software.

Your data is totally secure, you eliminate the need for dedicated server space, and you reduce time and risk associated with ongoing IT support.

  1. Learn When the Time Works for You

CSC Corptax Continuous Education provides on-demand learning that suits your schedule, specialty, and knowledge level. Meet job requirements and earn CPE credits from home. Consider becoming Corptax Certified online!

Working “anywhere, anytime” has always been the Corptax model. We’re remote-ready to help you meet your business objectives, and we’re virtual from a customized product presentation through implementation. Ready to have a conversation or see a software demo tailored to your needs? Get started today!

Want to learn more? View the webinar: Corptax Single System—One Platform for the Totality of Tax

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