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Bondholders Approve Proposal from Medstop AB

2 April 2013

CorpNordic in its capacity as Agent for the 700,000,000 SEK 2011/2016 bonds (ISIN SE0003961655) issued by Medstop AB, convened the bondholders to a Bondholders Meeting that was held on the 1st of February, 2013, in Sundbyberg.
At the meeting, the bondholders resolved upon the following amendments to the terms and conditions for the bonds proposed by Medstop: i) Change of the minimum bond denomination from SEK 5m to SEK 1m.
ii) Implementation of a change of control call at 102.75%, in addition to the current change of control put at 101%.
iii) Listing of the bonds on Nasdaq-OMX Stockholm and de-listing from the Frankfurt Stock Exchange.
iv) Obligation for Medstop to publicly disclose full annual and quarterly reports on its website within 120 (annual) and 60 (quarterly) business days after the end of the period. The Bondholders Meeting approved the proposals. The formal notice on the voting results with the minutes of the meeting will be sent by letter to the bondholders.

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